Top Ten NES Games Video from ScrewAttack

The Master of the 8-bit Universe had so many unbelievable classics that ScrewAttack almost had to make it a Top 50 list.

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Itachi4023d ago

the only good thing about screw attack is the Nerd

why people listen to these 30 year old fanboys is beyond belief and quite sad

MK_Red4023d ago

Agreed. Those guys are some crazy Nintendo fanboys but The Nerd is different, even if he is the Angry Nintendo Nerd, he still rules. James Rolfe FTW!

As for this list, it's ok and way better than their games to play instead of Halo 3.

Itachi4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

yeah the nerd is great

but these guys just need to grow up

they are not funny and there reviews suck so whats the point in watching

and all the pot shots they take at sony is childish

Gamespot-equals-EGM4022d ago

Gametrailer videos blow away the crap videos Gamespot produces.

For the most part, I think all 3 screw attack sections are enjoyable to watch. And what's the big deal anyways, they're just videos. And most of them are only about 3 minutes long, its not like watching them requires any effort (unlike reading a 3 page review of a game).

IMO, most of what produces is entertaining. I don't alway agree with what they say (ie, the Folklore video review) but their videos are almost always entertaining.

kewlkat0074023d ago

I played all them games. All of them. Never did beat Kid Icarus.

Super Mario 3 - I think was the best game on the NES.
Contra - I skipped school once and got in trouble.
Batman - climbing that bell tower to defeat joker in the end.
Mega Man 2/3 - watching "Video Power" for tips on this game.
Final Fantasy - I used to get frustrated with this game.

I would of liked ot see "Star Tropics" on there too. Many others.

MK_Red4023d ago

2.Ninja Gaiden 1-3
4.Life Force
6.Double Dragon 1-3
7.Battle Toads
8.Super Mario Bros (Original)
9.Battle Master
10.TMNT 2 and other Ninja Turtle beatem ups

Farfromreality4134023d ago

Sometimes they are funny but most of the time, I watch the videos because every game that they have reviewed for the Nes, SNES, Genesis, and 64, I have, at one point in time, played and loved/hated.

Call me nostalgic, but those were the good ole days.

spacecog4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

river city ransom
mike tyson's punch-out
alien syndrome
pro wrestling
shadow of the ninja
ghosts n goblins
life force
golgo 13