Games That (Probably) Shouldn't Have Gone Portable (Modojo)

Chris Buffa (Modojo): For the most part, video game publishers know what works and what doesn't on a portable system. Terrible games are a part of life, but it's rare to see a bad fit. At the end of the day, companies know a handheld's limitations.

Hitman07694601d ago

I love portable games but some of these make sense I think. Rock Band Unplugged? Shakes head...

Buff10444601d ago

Yeah...they tried to capitalize on the series' popularity by porting it to every possible system. Such is the industry. :)


Top 10 Family Friendly Games for Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United States so the staff of VGU have compiled a list of ten great games/game series that you can play with your family during the holiday.


The Daily Five: Best Bathroom Games

"We’re all on the can at least once a day, and it’s always a short escape from the rigors of our day-to-day lives. Time spent on the porcelain throne varies on the person, but if you own a portable game system then there’s a good chance that you’ve brought them with you on many occasions." - Joe Garcia

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RobbyGrob3767d ago

What the... Clutching at straws, are we? Joe Garcia needs a change in his life.

3767d ago
WonsAuto3767d ago

Joe Garcia hears that latter bit a lot. :(

MikeyDucati13767d ago

LOL! This is great! I'm always looking for games that are to good to play while sitting on the can. No, seriously.

3767d ago

Through The Years | Take a Look Back at Harmonix’s Rock Band

Despite popular belief, music games are far from dead. Rock Band is still holding strong, and newer titles like Dance Central add more ways to game and jam at the same time. Starting with the original title, Harmonix continued in its efforts to innovate the music game genre, succeeding with each entry. With Rock Band Blitz releasing this coming Tuesday, iGo Gaming is going to take a look through the years of Harmonix’s history with their critically praised Rock Band series. Let’s hit the same time machine Harmonix is implementing in Dance Central 3 and take a look at the past…

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SoundGamer4113d ago

Rock Band was cool the first two games for me. After that, I was done.

Emilio_Estevez4113d ago

Why? 3 is the best one and if you import the other games' songs you have a ton. Rock band will always be fun with a group of people, way better than guitar hero imo.

SoundGamer4113d ago

I played Rock Band 3 too, but the novelty of these rhythm games with instruments just wore off for me personally.

Not saying it was a bad game; Just saying, I was done. lol

NoobJobz4113d ago

I like the games. I think everyone just got tired of them when both Guitar Hero and Rock Band were consistently coming out what seemed like every few months. Luckily, we got rid of Guitar Hero and Rock Band has slowed down as well. If they come out with one every two years, I would enjoy that.

dboi7874113d ago

Couldn't agree more. This Rock Band Blitz is a fresh take on the formula. Hoping to hear some more from Harmonix in the future.

Amplitude4113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

Im so pumped for Blitz. I do have an incredible list of complaints (one difficulty, no online vs mode, only two buttons instead of three, etc) but my excitement for an Amplitude-esque game is way too high to be put off by the minor complaints.

Im seriously curious how they're gonna pull this game off to be honest. The one difficulty thing in particular.

But i mean, Blitz works with ALL OF MY DLC and has 25 songs that work with Rock Band 3 all for 15 dollars?
Probably the greatest deal ever. =D

dboi7874113d ago

Wow, you just cleared something up for me. Had no idea there was only one difficult. That's pretty lame actually. :/ Still, 25 DLC tracks PLUS a new game that utilizes all other tracks for $15 is pretty damn good, as ya said.

Perjoss4113d ago

I loved Rockband and I played it for so many hours with friends, but I believe that a 2nd and 3rd game was not needed, the extra features they added in the sequels could have easily been patched in or even sold as some kind of DLC expansion, there was no need really for 2 more full priced games.

dboi7874113d ago

While that could probably be said for Rock Band 2, there was no way the additions seen in Rock Band 3 could have been added as DLC. Keyboard support, Pro modes, etc.