Nintendo pres admits Wii was somewhat mismanaged

The original Wii was quite a success. There's no doubt about that. However, sales of the system have began to quickly drop, and developer interest has diminished even more significantly.

Buff10444533d ago (Edited 4533d ago )

That's like Michael Jordan admitting that he probably could've shot the basketball at a higher percentage. Oh modest Nintendo and your 80 million plus selling machine.

rwarner1744533d ago

And in what way did any of their success turn into games I like to enjoy? I'd say maybe about 5 games, like one per year. Last nintendo system I buy, I am sure they won't miss me, I sure won't miss them. Good luck to nintendo, I wish you all the best in your mission to push as mush shovelware down uneducated parents throats.

EYEamNUMBER14533d ago

i bet you can't even name 5 actual shovelware games that nintendo themselves made

Simco8764533d ago

I have to agree with this.

They tapped a market though, and that is why the console succeeded. If casuals didn't jump on board the Wii, it would have crushed the console and the company

Baccra4533d ago

Someones not drinking the kool-aide anymore.

just_sayin4533d ago

i can't wait for wii 2 zelda in HD=EPIC

VampiricDragon_4533d ago (Edited 4533d ago )

yeah but the ds had tons of third party support so it shouldnt be any different with this portable and it really isnt. Everyone is making games for it

namco,square,atlus, sega, level 5, capcom, imagepoch, EA, ect

hell square has at least 4 games in development for it right at launch. I cant think of any games besides ff cystal and dq X from square on the wii.

Baccra4533d ago

Understatement of the year.

Titanz4533d ago (Edited 4533d ago )

Selling massive amounts of 1st party software!

Mario Kart Wii
Smash Bros Brawl
New Super Mario Bros Wii
Wii fit
Wii Sports Resort
Wii Play,etc.

Even with the PS3 and Xbox 360 getting the majority of the 3rd party titles, they had to launch their own motion devices just to combat Nintendo's success.

PS1 & PS2 had 3rd parties to look forward to.Once Nintendo develops a system that 3rd parties are down with, it'll be something special to witness.

eagle214533d ago (Edited 4533d ago )

It really is amazing to see how one Nintendo first party game available on a single platform can outsell Modern Warfare 2 (which is like 21 million) combined on all available platforms. Some people need to wake up and see that kind of first party accomplishment.

Outside a COD (combined platforms sales) or a Grand Theft Auto (combined platform sales), nothing gets that close to their first party sales this generation. And of course the number of top 10 all-time sales records that Nintendo dominates with many of those records added this generation. :)

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The Next Nintendo Console Will Have Power Closer To PS4 And Xbox One, Reveals Leaked Activision Doc

The upcoming Nintendo console, rumored to be Switch 2, will have power closer to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One than the current-gen consoles.

Jin_Sakai3d ago

That was obvious. It’s a handheld. DLSS will really boost the resolution and frame rate though and Ray Tracing will be great being Nvidia.

Number1TailzFan3d ago

It does not make up for having noticeably weaker hardware. PS5 & Series X are having some trouble running a new UE5 title dude. DF demonstrated the fps & resolution of both consoles, both upscaling from 720p and having frame dips into the 40fps range and below on PS5, bit better on Series X but both are not ideal. The next Switch is not going to magically be able to run demanding UE5 titles very well, I guarantee they will be locked 30fps and likely with downgraded graphics over the other consoles.

Demanding third party titles should not be the focus, it would be better if Nintendo focus on first party games with games made well enough to run at a solid 60fps with good graphics, rather than push the machine beyond what it can do.

_SilverHawk_2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Well that's disappointing. I thought the switch 2 was more powerful than a ps5 with better ray tracing from what a lot of people have been saying.

Nintendo have been making weaker systems than their rivals for decades and they and their fans have been championing having weaker hardware. A lot of people loved talking about the portability of the switch and it being the only portable gaming system you can play modern games on but now the market has a lot of other portable gaming systems that's a lot more powerful than a switch and it's successor.

The switch 2 can't rely on just having a lot of ports of games especially from last generation because there are already very powerful portable gaming systems you can play games of every generation in high quality

Fishy Fingers2d ago

I'm not sure what people have been saying that but you're more foolish than them if you believed it.

Nintentional2d ago

Current Switch is woefully underpowered compared to the Xbox Series consoles and PS5, yet there have been numerous months where it still outsells them both, especially in Japan. Switch is weaker than PS4 and Xbox One, yet it still outsold them both. The versatility of the hybrid home console/handheld nature of the Switch 2, coupled with Nintendo’s developer’s unmatched ingenuity, along side some key third party exclusives and multiplats spells success for the Switch successor yet again 😉

BanginTunes2d ago

I knew from that matrix demo that unreal 5 wasn't very good for these consoles. Controversial but after some of the games that came out this year I think I preferred when there were cross gen games because these games with these ugly upscaling systems and inconsistent framerates end up looking worse than if they just had PS4 graphics but high Res and 60fps. Just don't make the games cross gen so you can take advantage of the SSD.

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neutralgamer19922d ago

Nintendo never want to lose a dime on hardware so expecting more is just asking too much. They should be targeting something below XSX-PS5 not ps4 or Xbox one. We need good bit of power since by the time it launches will be 2024

12GB ram
1440P machine

fr0sty2d ago

Yeah, being "close to last gen in power" was what Switch was supposed to be, and it wasn't. Now they're saying that Switch 2 will still be stuck in last gen, when this gen's hardware is already showing its age. There's no excuse for cheaping out on hardware that much, Nintendo is getting greedy... you know they're still going to expect top dollar for the thing, at least as much as a Series S, which is what it should be comparing itself to.

DigitallyAfflicted2d ago

Is going to be called nintendo1x? Just trolling 🤣

S2Killinit2d ago

Why is Activision leaking information about Nintendo? If I was Nintendo I would be looking at how MS/Activision leaked the info and why. Especially considering that we now know MS wants Nintendo out of console market.

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darthv723d ago

the current switch is already at around the 1tf level which is just below the PS4/XBO. I think they mean Switch 2 will be more like a PS4 Pro or Series S in terms of being 4tf in power.

purple1012d ago (Edited 2d ago )

It will defo be 4tf. I reckon. Steam deck is 1.6 or something... rog ally is more But also Costs more.

I reckon with Nintendo's buying power they can get price down. But then again, this is Nintendo we're talking about.

But yeh also teraflops isn't everything

babadivad2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

The Switch is several times weaker than the VCR Xbox.

The Tegra X1 chip inside the Switch is capable of running at 1GHz which would produce 512 Gigaflops of performance.

Nintendo has this chip downclocked to around 700 MHz so at maximum (when docked) it's GPU performance is 350~ Gigaflops. VCR box was 1.4 Teraflops by comparison. Just in GPU power, the VCR is around 4 times more performant.

The memory in the Switch is nearly 3 times slower than even the DDR3 memory.

Nintendo downclocked the CPU of the switch as well.

It's no mystery why the Switch wasn't able to keep up with the PS4 and X1 when they were its main competition.

I feel like I have made this point before but if you have a phone that was released within the last 3 years. The hardware in that phone would embarrasse the Switch in performance.

The Switch isn't a 1 Teraflop machine. It's a 350 Gigaflop system at best with anemic memory bandwidth. Even when compared to the original X1.

The PS4 and X1 are in a different league than the Switch

Sciurus_vulgaris2d ago

I remember RockStar developers explicitly stating that the Switch could not run RDR2. Rockstar are generally good at utilizing and pushing hardware. Rockstar not attempting RDR2 on the Switch was enough to prove the system wasn’t in the same power ballpark as the XB1 and PS4.

Relientk773d ago

I get power and graphics isn't everything, but like c'mon...

TheEnigma3132d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Just like the switch was close to PS3/360 when we were well into the PS4/XBOX1 era. But Nintendo has to stay in a certain price range in order to succeed. They should target a locked 60 fps over graphics imo.