BBC Say Statement From Sony Coming Soon


If anyone was watching the BBC News channel in the last hour or so hopefully they can verify this, but apparently we can expect a statement from Sony on the PSN outage, including the rumours surrounding customer credit card details, ‘within a couple of hours’.

According to a poster on GAF, the BBC have been in contact with Sony regarding the issues on a regular basis, and are expecting official word soon. That statement is also expected to include a timescale for resumption of services. According to reports on Twitter, the business news segment has just ran a comprehensive story on the whole thing.

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rabidpancakeburglar4533d ago

But will it be a statement that reveals anything?

movements4533d ago

Yes. It's suppose to include what really happened and timeline on PSN's return.

rockleex4533d ago

I love announcements of announcements, don't you guys? :P

I_find_it_funny4533d ago (Edited 4533d ago )

^^ they forgot the counter :)

tbh I'm pissed but not on Sony, I know they're doing everything thay can to:
- fix it
- fix it good so won't happen again
but on the other hand I finished 2 games and 2 books I started a while ago, do it's all good

smoothdude4533d ago

The return of PSN will be announced at this year's E3.

PimpHandHappy4533d ago

they will share more when PSN is back up and running. Till then they are busy and as they said b4.. We do not comment on speculation and rumor

S25804533d ago

well when the bbc say it.......

paladinaz4533d ago

BBC are ignorant when it comes to report news as they are, they often "upgrade" or "add" particular segments which are meaningless for people who actually follow the situation.

El Nino4533d ago (Edited 4533d ago )

They also aired a watchdog episode which did its best at ripping the ps3 and the YLOD issue apart. Exagerating the issue ten fold. There technology stories are woeful.

caseh4533d ago

I think I remember that, didn't the guy who done the segement pretty much admit to being an avid gamer...or in relative terms 'fanboi' on his Xbox 360 from the outset of the article?

caseh4533d ago

Had to reply simply due to the one disagree from clueless muppets:


Thats the segment, opening comment from Narrator:

"Ian Lee may be a self declared XBOX MAN..."

Feel free to watch for yourself *pffft*

tdrules4533d ago

BBC are probably one of the last unbiased news sources.
what they choose to air on their channels are another story however

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