Canadians Get an Xbox Treat from Kellogg's

The Kellogg Company, one of the world's leading producers of cereal and convenience foods, and not to mention a common name at the breakfast table, will be putting Xbox Mini Games in the palms of the people of Canada, as an on-going offer promises that one mini game will be inserted randomly into specially-marked Kellogg's products such as Mini-wheats, Frosted Flakes, Rice-Krispies and others. However, this offer is only good until supplies last, ofcourse.

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360Borrowedtime5373d ago

the mini games will be like guess how many lies MS told today, How long untill The 360 loses and ect!

Cyberoach5372d ago

At least MS won't include the Sony Root Kit with every Game. I wonder how much that will slow the PS3. 1 SPE will be used for Root Kit Processing.

Optimus Prime5373d ago

lol, that was funny, i forgot to laugh it was soo funny. do you think people care what you say.

starbug one5372d ago

Xbox games? or 360 games?