How I fell in love with the voice behind the man Carlos Ferro, Dominic Santiago

I had the pleasure to meet the man who voices not only Dom from the Gears of War series, but also from the Assassin’s Creed’s Leonardo Da Vinci, Carlos Ferro. A voice actor, DJ, performer, and all around great guy, Ferro was the guest of honor at the Gamers Gone Wild Party hosted by the awesome gaming communities 2 Old 2 Play and SFX-360. Before the party, I had a chance to meet Ferro after a panel we both attended.

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bobrea3593d ago

Holy shit, I totally don't care.

Justin_bristoe3593d ago

this dude shoulld be ashamed of himself.but in todays society there;s a 85 percent chance he's a rainbow chaser

Rybakov3593d ago

i don't like Dom.....emo mexican that took me on a pointless chase for a dead person and ruining gears 2

dinkeldinkse3593d ago

Epic instead of killing a Carmine brother kill him.

yaz2883593d ago

lol ...totally agree !!!

blazormonkies3593d ago

Replace "Carlos Ferro, Dominic Santiago" with "Stephen Merchant, Wheatley".

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