Xbox 360 Media Round Up

Rather than splatter the whole front page with 'Media' posts, we thought it would be best to round up all the latest added screenshots that have landed in our inbox. So what feast of new screenshots do we have in store for your eyes?

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FeralPhoenix5366d ago

Awesome pics. Its pretty much a no brainer that AC will be on 360....I want this game, Im wondering though, do they intend to make the color bland on purpose or will the final product have more color?

TheMART5366d ago

AC on 360. Yeah how hard Sony fanboys cry that it won't.

AC was called Project Assassins on X05 in Amsterdam. It was announced then and Ubisoft never said it is cancelled.

The only thing they say is: "At this point in time only the PS3 version is ANNOUNCED".

If it wasn't for the 360 for sure, by Sony paying them for the exclusive (Ubisoft is one of the main suppliers of games of the 360) then they would say:

"Assassins Creed is a PS3 exclusive. No timed one, just exclusive"


"Assassins Creed is only announced on PS3, it won't come out for 360, period".

They are turning around it like bad politicians though, like everyone expect: it will be a timed exclusive for a couple of months and maybe it's even more fun.

MS could have a big coupe in the making. Like GTA and Fifa 2007/PES6, they could just announce Assassins Creed for 360 on X06, a year after Project Assassin was announced.

That would give a final blow to one of the few games to get a PS3 for. So short for launch, it would give a huge boost to buy a 360 instead of a PS3

THAMMER15366d ago