Too Human: GameSpy Preview + 2 Exclusive Videos, 50 New Images

Too Human is aiming high. After GameSpy's visit to developer Silicon Knights' Canadian studios, GameSpy was impressed with the game's cinematic flair, the huge potential for accessible but rewarding combat, and instantly addictive combination of leveling up and collecting exceptional loot (hello, Hammer of Grendel.) There are some issues, but there's also quite a bit of time to handle those before the game's release next year.

+ Focus on accessibility
+ Good storytelling
+ Role-playing system depth
+ Co-op
+ Mapping of myth to technology.

- Frame rate
- Inaccurate control scheme
- Need to see higher-level characters.

GameSpy posted two new exclusive montage videos on October 15. They are attached below.

GameSpy also posted 50 new images on October 15. They include screenshots, wallpapers, and concept arts. Only 15 are attached here. The "Alternative Sources" section below includes a link to GameSpy's Too Human image library.

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JokesOnYou4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

SK this game is just a steady 30 fps away from being a monster AAA title, the vids look great, lots of detailed screens, just don't blow it please.


power of Green 4022d ago

At least they know what they'll be hammered on when the reviews roll in if they can't fix them.

JokesOnYou4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

has so many things going for it, it has so many aspects that I love with the norse mythology and sci-fi twist, honestly I think they might be trying to do a little too much at once,(game has alot of great feature sets) but hey we need games that try to do it all, I'm just hoping a game like this with so much potential won't end up kind of dissapointing simply because of irritating framerate drops, I mean EVERY game has a glitch but I'm hoping we won't see significant framerate stutters etc.


power of Green 4022d ago

USe to be my 1st for about two years untill I started following Mass Effect and Project Offset.

I never doubted this game I'll play as is, now.


Zhuk4022d ago

this game is looking to be fantastic and shows how the Xbox 360 is providing true next generation gameplay with amazing graphics and genre-crossing features.

Definitely going to be one of the big titles of 2008

jib4022d ago

you guys don't think the animation needs a little work? they look stiff to me


Yeah, I think the animations are alittle stiff & they do need work. However, since this game is not releasing next month & this is not a final build, I'll reserve judgement until the game is finished. Sk makes great games, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt based on their pedigree.

Also, it should be pointed out that although this game is a Hybrid in many ways, essentially, it is an RPG at heart. And RPG's will never have the same quality of gamplay as a straight up button masher or an FPS, because that is all those games focus on. You wouldn't compare the action of KOTOR's gameplay vs. Ninja Gaiden, nor would you compare the storyline or features because that would be an unfair comparison. The co-op & multiplayer aspects of this game along with an epic SK storyline more than justify how much potential this game has. For the co-op & the multiplayer features, this game is already a must buy for me.

HarryEtTubMan4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

Looks like balls. Looks like another Gears/bioshock/Halo/Mas effect/timeshift/ space man game. A lotta bit played out. Did I mention it seriously looks like crap?

....JUST YES. This game really does not look good at all. I have a 360 dude. Thats all I have. All these space games are gay... what are u 16? This is the only thing these developers can think of... another robotic,metallic looking game set in a far universe? Lame... just lame. Seriously, I understand we don't want to be disspointed and just defend our console... but this looks like crap. I have the demo on live when he's in the bar and pulls the gun and the robots tears through the wall.... yea... gay as hell. There's just a certain point when I've realized u know what I payed 400$ for a console that has RROD' me twice and still freaking freezes. Halo 3 is kinda fun I guess. I dunno I'm seriously disspointed as is almost everyone I've talking to. This is coming from a SERIOUS HALO FANATIC DUDE. BEEN PLAYIN IT SINCE DAY 1. Bioshock was kinda good for 3 days LOL. A rental. Gears was really good. I really liked gears but now everything just wants to look like it and killzone and resistance. I dunno. Look at the XBLA games. 98% of them are bombs.... and I mean serious bombs. Abombinations of the 80's arcading bliss. Ps3 has alot to offer in the long run. ALOT TO OFFER. They were first and they do eveything better. What else is there to say? I'm dissapointed with my 360 and this game looks like the pits. Same crap dude. I'm WAY BORED of these same similar games. PS3 is where it's at this generation.

BLACKJACK VII4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

Please go lie to yourself somewhere else.

Moronic comments, lying & trolling = a 1 bubble loser.

"PS3 is where it's at this generation" - Really ? When their best title (HS) gets outsold by a WWII shooter from EA (MOHA) ??? Best of luck kid, PS#3's hardware sales are sad & their software sales are a complete joke. The majority of ppl buying the PS3 are posers &/or want a BluRay player - the attach rates don't lie son. You don't have to like Too Human & you have the right to an opinion, but save your Sony FUD for the few unfortunate ppl stupid enough to believe Sony's LIES.


#6 Medal of Honor: Airborne
Xbox 360

#9 Heavenly Sword


Xbox 360...... 520,698

PS3........... 168,393

What's your XBOX 360 gamertag 'Tubbs ? It is not listed on your profile. I would like to compare our HALO 3 achievements since you are such a big HALO fan. For someone who "owns & 360" & is a "SERIOUS HALO FANATIC DUDE. BEEN PLAYIN IT SINCE DAY 1." this is a most unusual comment posted by YOU:

"HALO IS [email protected] GAY. 640p. The console is defective."

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