GamerNode's Top 5 3rd-party Wii games to get this holiday season

Everyone knows about the incredible Wii games made by Nintendo themselves. By the end of the year, we'll have stellar titles from the Big N, like Super Mario Galaxy, Battalion Wars 2, and Fire Emblem. However, what will the Wii be able to offer us in terms of 3rd-party support before '08? Let's run through GamerNode's Top 5 to see what games we should be buying from other companies this year.

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cooke154022d ago

No Zack & Wiki? What!?

ItsDubC4022d ago

Foreal, I'd replace Mario & Sonic at the Olympics w/ Zack and Wiki or SC: Legends on that list personally.

Pugovitz4022d ago

Nights! Olympics! An On-rails RE! Another Medal of Honor! I forgot how excited I was for Super Mario Galaxy and Smash Bros.