Becoming a Call of Duty Addict

One man's chronicle of just why Call of Duty's multiplayer is so addicting.

"It's 7:30 in the morning. I have to leave for work in 30 minutes but right now? Right now this is my time. I wake up early to boot up the Xbox 360 so that I can start my day with a burst of pure adrenaline and joy.

A Cobra gunship hovers in the air above the Firing Range. I sprint to a corner of the screen, pull out my rocket launcher and hold, hold, hold, fire. I listened to the insistent beeping of the weapon as it locks on and watch as the Cobra fires off flares and avoids my rocket. I curse. As I reload the weapon a burst of fire opens from my front, I switch my weapon but not before I'm felled. I land, and crawl, pulling out my pistol. I fire a full clip at the enemy and watch him fall down as bright numbers scream "+100" on my screen. A smile crosses my face. "Bastard."

The game ends and my kill/death ratio is .85. Ugh. Just one more dive back into the game.

Why do I play again and again? Why, after putting in several days worth of gameplay, do I still want to play? It makes no sense. I have Fable III, Borderlands, Enslaved, Darksiders, Fallout: New Vegas, Crysis 2, God of War III, and Dead Rising 2 all waiting for me to play. I've touched them, I've played some of them, but I keep abandoning them for the visceral thrill of Black Ops."

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rabidpancakeburglar2734d ago

Glad to say that I managed to beat my cod addiction and I traded in my black ops

fluffydelusions2734d ago

I enjoyed MW2. Black Ops is what made me give it up. That game is just horrible IMO, particularly the PS3 version.

Bear_Grylls2733d ago

"One man's chronicle of just why Call of Duty's multiplayer is so addicting. "

He likes nooby game play and auto aim makes him feel like a boss?

--------2733d ago

Same here, Call Of Duty caused me more stress than fun...much more. I picked up Killzone 2 and just felt like that was my game and they made it only for me, and as much as I love KZ2, KZ3, BFBC2 I'm not addicted to any of them, I just play when I feel like it.

Jio2734d ago

Sadly, I know Call of Duty addicts that only play Call of Duty. When I tell them of alternatives like Battlefield 3, they say that Call of Duty is better.

Kran2734d ago

LEAVE..... COD...... ALONE......... - They must chant ;P

Leave em be and join the cool dudes who think CoD is pathetic ;P

Tru_Blu2733d ago

unfortunately millions of people like camping and auto aim. I'm sure they try other games get slaughtered and come back to COD.

DoctorXpro2734d ago

I was a CoD addicted when CoD4MW came out, but not anymore.

2fk2734d ago

i was a COD addict from cod 1,2,4,5,mw2, and BO...BO got me bored within a month

electricshadow2733d ago

I definitely was one when MW1 came out. All I did in grade 11 was school, work and most of my free time was spent playing that game. The last CoD I bought was MW2 because of all the hype. I sure learned my lesson though.

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The story is too old to be commented.