14 New Borderlands Screenshots

From Gameplayer...

"Earlier today we put up our exclusive preview of the awesome looking Sci-Fi FPSRPG Borderlands, by rising developer Gearbox Software. We've since been given the green light to upload the screenshots you can see in the panel to your right. Go on then, take a look…"

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MK_Red4112d ago

OMG, the game looks incredibly sweet. A lot of awesome Mad Max - The Road Warrior inspired games coming next year.
This one has Diablo 2 elements and looks superb. Can't wait.

mesh14112d ago

too human owns this i like playing my diablo type games in third person =) and the back ground of too human coming next year and depth of characters is better than this game toohuman is gonna be a real epic rpg game like diablo 2 with next gen grapics this game will be lie oblivion if that is true it wud be a gr8 game but too human is better.

BlazeXXL4112d ago

how on earth could Too Human be better. How the heck would you know how both play?? Let's start bashing games after we've played them ok? jebus...

CaliGamer4112d ago

I thought you were aware, this kid can see into the future. He predicted KZ2 wasn't going to live up to the graphical standards of the trailer, he predicted that MS would have the most reliable system ever, he predicted Halo would turn the 360 tide in Japan and he predicted Shadowrun would be the best online only game on the 360....... He is a true oracle bro, the real deal. Not to mention his syntax is spot on.

JPomper4112d ago

If he's as hot as the 300 oracle I'll forgive him.

Devr4112d ago

Awesome. Can't wait for this. Enemies with red goggles ftw. :P

Zhuk4112d ago

could be a sleeper hit when its released

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