Monster Hunter Freedom 3 voted game of the year by Famitsu readers

Famitsu readers voted Monster Hunter Freedom 3 (known as Monster Hunter Portable 3rd in Japan) as their 2010 game of the year. The results were announced via Famitsu's website on Friday. The annual mid-year poll serves as the closest thing to an Oscar-like best picture feature.

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Kurisu3603d ago

Was this Freedom Unite in the UK, or is that a different game? Either way I missed out on this, but I hear it's coming to the NGP, so I will buy it then.

BX813603d ago

Great now release one on the PS3/360 for all regions!

Hedberg3603d ago

Yeah I believe it was Freedom Unite here in the states too Kurisu....great game for PSP.

Perjoss3603d ago

trust me on this one...
you dont need to be Japanese to be totally blown away by this franchise.

zanzibarlegend3603d ago

and by that i mean a MH game built for NGP.. it will sell like hotcakes, especially with the new network ideas powering the NGP.

i think for NGP to come out of the gate hitting a grand slam, i dont see how u release the thing without a MH game at launch. it will print money in Japan. i hope sony is just being mum about it and saving it for a sony event.

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