Crash of the Titans: Gamespot Review

It's a fairly sturdy, combat-heavy platformer with a good hook, but it lacks a real distinct attitude.

GameSpot Score 7.0/10

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wageslave4018d ago

No one thinks this is going to be a 95 / 100 game. Its a fun, pick-up platformer. Its a port of a Wii game. Helps fill out the catalogue before Banjo ships.

Right now, there are two reviews on metacritic 7.8 & this 7.0. The game will probably settle out in the 7.2-3 range.

I'd recommend Kameo over this probably, it was pretty good, and Rare's talent shined through, it has a 7.9 / 10 @ Metacritic; the same score as HS for example.