GC 2006: Splinter Cell: Double Agent Preview

First question I asked was if this was the same preview as E3, the answer was no, and that it was 2 new levels made for showing at GC2006. I find myself in Iceland, several thousand meters above sea level in a plane. First thing that struck me was how dark it was. The Producer on Double Agent said he wanted the transition from Chaos Theory with its darkness and wet look and ease people into Double Agent which now showcasing some very detailed daytime areas.

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Marriot VP5375d ago

wannabe this isn't on the PS3 or wii

T-Rac5375d ago

chears mate... editing now!

Jay da 2KBalla5375d ago (Edited 5375d ago )

Man this game is looking good as hell.

edit/ please try to refrain from using the word fanboy in your sentence!

FKN Unbelievable5375d ago

Im Finished. I was on Ubisoft @ss For a CG rendered version for TGS but they have a 360 version up and running already and chances are it will be in demo by the end of the month. I Should keep my big mouth closed.

General5375d ago

My god the AI is pretty dumb tbh, Impressive graphics though I give it that.

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