1UP Profiles Eiji Aonuma, Nintendo's Director of Zelda

1UP writes, "it used to be that when one spoke of the creative force behind Zelda only one name would come up: Shigeru Miyamoto. Which made sense -- Miyamoto was, after all, the series creator and the man who oversaw every installment since its inception. But in recent years, as Miyamoto's position within Nintendo rose and his responsibilities increased, a new face of Zelda was introduced: Eiji Aonuma. Having been at Nintendo since 1998, Aonuma worked under Miyamoto for quite some time, and with Zelda: Ocarina of Time he was given his first job helping direct a Zelda game. Since Ocarina, Aonuma has been the director of the entire Zelda franchise, including Majora's Mask, The Wind Waker, and The Twilight Princess. With his latest Zelda, The Phantom Hourglass, now in stores and getting rave reviews, we took some time to sit down with Aonuma to talk about his life and the series he so loves".

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