In-Depth Borderlands Exclusive - "600,000 Guns"

Forget GTAIV! Could this be 2008's biggest game? Gameplayer has gone live with an exclusive look at Gearbox Software's next epic release, Borderlands. This article includes interviews with Randy Pitchford, the company's President, producer Simon Hurley and director Matthew Armstrong.

"This game has over 600,000 unique weapons," beams Pitchford as we delicately reinsert our jaws into their sockets. "It's a game where there's always better stuff to be found. You can take every gun ever made in every game, add them together and Borderlands has more by over two orders of magnitude."

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skynidas4020d ago

this game looks awesome...2008 great year 4 gamers

razer4020d ago

This game definately has my attention! 2008 should be crazy good, and perhaps even better than 2007!

sanderFVCKINcohen4020d ago


Coffin874020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

YEAAAAAAH 2008 will be TEH GAMING YEAR!!!!!!

Killzone 2
and TONS of great awesome games like borderlands ... we don't even know about yet.

marinelife94020d ago

What am I going to do with 600k guns? I can only shoot one at a time. I hope they have plenty of ammo.

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Blasphemy4020d ago

600,000 seems like overkill to me.

nobizlikesnowbiz4020d ago

It's just the fact that each gun held by every different NPC has it's own customization to it. So basically there are a lot of the same guns, but one with a carved woodstock, another with a metal one, etc.

At least I think thats how it goes...?

Omegasyde4020d ago

Tthey are stretching the truth, in which most of the back of the videogame boxes do now adays.

i.e. RidgeRacerrrrr5 has over 50 tracks!


+10 tracks, with 3 additional short paths that you unlock.
=30 "uniquetracks"
+20 of those tracks that are the same exact track but in reverse.
50 so called tracks.

I am ashamed to admit I believe everything the back of the videogame box says. Learn from my mistake and don't believe everything advertized.

IdontTakeSides4020d ago

this game seems interesting I dont think that having 600,000 weapons in the game will be's all about options ways..lets not make ne assumptions here until we learn more about this game....!!

pilotpistolpete4020d ago

Could be nice, but I bet most of the guns have identical responses. Good aesthetics though.

mesh14020d ago

@pilotpistol pete
yeah that the problem with uncharted all the guns shoot the same which fo rmakes the gameplay soo boring ,ps we shud support TOO HUMAN the games looks amamzing for 2008 markl my worlds to human will be amazing.

eXplotion4020d ago

thats over half a million... I dont believe it...

dachiefsman4020d ago

here you go Billy

*hands over a star sticker*

put this by your name on the bulletin board! Yeah!

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