Video of Mindless Drones Protesting Rockstar's Bully

This clip is BANANAS. B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Peaceholic's flock of bleating sheep do not make a good case for Take Two or Rockstar to worry about intelligent debate on the issue of Bully's level of violence and impact on younger players. Warning: This video contains words like "TURR'RISTS" and "MURICA" and arguments that might just may your eyes roll clean out of their sockets. Michael McWhertor

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LuminousAphid5375d ago

i can see some valid concerns that these people have with their kids playing games like this, but the fact remains that they're just trying to dodge being a responsible parent, and trying to shove that responsibility off onto the government in banning the game. bad parenting is not a valid reason to want a game banned completely.

360Borrowedtime5374d ago

Why do people bash games so much, it's been happening in films for years, why not games, just slap an 18 certificate on it, that way it's no longer the makers of the game who are responsible for it. I mean that was so pathetic blamming manhunt on someones death, anyone who takes a computer game seriously like that has mental issues, i've been playing games since i was a small child and i have never been influenced in any kind of way like that!

PS360PCROCKS5374d ago

Exactly videogames do not in any way influence me in anything I do in my life, the kids who grow up with bad parents who don't know wrong from right are the ones that these games might influence, but I am sure by this time their children are already so screwed up that it doesn't matter what a videogame might teach them, but like number 1 said, it's ultimately up to the parent to keep their children from being exposed from this content, the government can only do so much...

xboxlj5374d ago

I don't see anything wrong with it honestly. Their are hundreds of much more violent games out there.