PS3 Outsells Wii & 360 in Europe: Week Ending 10/14/07

Here are the hardware totals for the week ending 10/14/07. The PS3 outsold both the 360 and the Wii.


Hit the link to see the breakdown by region.

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PopEmUp4114d ago

This is just the beginning

Blasphemy4114d ago

I agree everyone exspect PS3 to not be outsold by 360 anymore in it's lifetime in Europe as long as the 40gb unit exist.

drtysouf214114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

Keep in mind that the new sku and price cut didn't go into effect till the 10th in Europe and the 11th in Australia and this is week ending the 14th.

synce4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

PS3 is beating the 360 in Japan and Europe. All that's left is USA, and I think that will happen next year with releases like MGS4 and GT5. Don't even get me started on Final Fantasy. When the FF7 prequel released for PSP in Japan the sales boost was monumental.

Taker_1294114d ago

if you look at those numbers the ps3, ps2, and psp i'd say sony is doing very well.

w57cpd4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

PS3 had a price drop of course it will sell more. When Halo 3 was released on the 360 the system sold more than normal. Its going to be one heck of a run for MS and Sony. As Sony lowers its price so will MS. In the end we all win. Whether you are a Xbox 360 fan or a PS3 fan at this rate the prices may get low enough for the fans to afford both systems.

Daishi4114d ago

You can look at it as one console beats another and that's fine or you can look at it for what it really is, video games are becoming a defining art in todays society. That's what I take from these charts. The more systems that are out there the more canvases artists have to make masterpieces on. So it's just a great time to be a gamer in my humble opinion.

deadshark14114d ago

u r so right pop em up a mean like the ps3 is going down to £200 ($400) next year so itl b cheaper to buy so then lets see whos beating who DS! lol only kidin ds kl wee hing psp better a mean sony hav alot comin to um with klilzone 2 home little big planet playtv they hav tversity gran turismo metal gear solid 4 final fantasy 13 assasins creed warhawk they hav in pss ive got £20 so worth it lkin 4wrd to little big planet and home and mgs4 and assasins creed and ff13 r u? do u agree sonys da best u decide? :)

SlappyMcTaint4114d ago

Even the PS2 is outselling the RROD over thar.

Pain4114d ago

Cant say it any beter.

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nasim4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

and also everywhere in the world except NA. However 40gig is coming. x360 will be fully dead by this year.

BTW halo 3 bundle failed to move consoles in EU. people worldwide are not fools to purchase a subpar looking game with mediocre graphics that run at 640p

@the BOT below

no VGCHARTS is not accurate .

Last week ps3 outsold x360 4:1 /5:1 . Vgcharts is shwing it to be 2:1

GFK would show it to be 5:1
The only battleground left for x360 is NA . However 40gig and 160 gig are on the way.
RATCHET,UNCHARTED,HAZE and PROLOGUE are all due this year


testerg354114d ago

now vgchartz us 100% correct to you and a good source for numbers.

Rooftrellen4114d ago

It's outselling the GBA, and by much more than it's outselling the GBA in Japan!

MS has always worked with NA and almost NA exclusivly. I don't see why you point out now a trend that has not changed since MS made a console.

chester4114d ago

wait, so now we're listening to vgchartz? i thought you said (and said every single time) that they are not final numbers and are skewed. so are we believing them now?

jiggyjay4114d ago

I know everybody knows that already but I just had to say this guy has to be the biggest idiot on the internet! And maybe even the world if there wasn't so many PS3 Fanboys!!

Nasim how bout providing links of your claims that the PS3 is outselling the 360 5:1?? Other than in Japan I don't see that happenning ever!

pandabear4114d ago

I am a PS3 owner and these charts are good news - but I wish people would stop saying stupid things like ' when the 40gb comes out in NA the X360 is dead'.

1. Most people I have spoken with have opted to pay the extra £50 and get the 60GB at it's new lower price, so I don't see the 40gb having a huge impact - only a reduction in price of the 60GB is making an impact

2. I don't want X360 to die - x360 & Ps3 need each other for competition if either dies the other will get lazy and start putting out crap - a close market is good for gamers as they then need to push the envelope further to out do each other.

May the fight continue and benefit all gamers.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4114d ago

'May the fight continue and benefit all gamers.'

LOL. You sound like the patron saint of video games.

jackfatal4114d ago

finally ur dreams coming true after tacking the BS from 360 fans for almost a year now!:)! good news for u and me! 360 fans just cant take it that someone like them on the opposite side!


true! we need competition so sony keep making the good work and keep lowering their expansive console!! but now its not that expansive any more! if it wasnt for the 360 am sure now we wouldnt see a ps3 with 400$ or 300 pound or 400 euro!

Evil0Angel4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

i was jealous from the people who have the other consoloes and sometimes feel they got the better systems and better games = that is why i will post negative comment about the other consoles, but now when i have all next-gen systems i post once every 2-3 days and my post do not involve bashing any-system.

deadshark14099d ago

ur right 40 gig ps3 is here so x360 microsoft go **** a tree ur not gd @ anything else

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riqued4114d ago

I'd be surprised if this is not his news..

PopEmUp4114d ago

It time to be crush (x-box 360)

unlimited4114d ago

Not if the Red Lights of Death get to it must be happy with the good news. I hope it will do good here in NA this Christmas.

SlippyMadFrog4114d ago

Can you guys remember what happened last time the PS3 dropped it's price? It outsold the Xbox360 for one or two weeks although everybody predicted doom for the Xbox360 than soon after the price cut it returned to it's usual numbers. Just think about that

DrPirate4114d ago

Guys guys. Just be happy, but don't speak poorly about the 360.

Seriously, just because we got slandered, doesn't mean we need to give it to them for every little thing. It's just pointless and it shows we're better than them.

EZCheez4114d ago

We both know that will never happen. Besides, it's just a website. I don't carry any feelings away from the computer so who cares what we type? Hopefully no one on here actually takes anything personally so by all means bash when you can. I honestly wouldn't visit this website if everyone got along. What's the fun in that?

Omegasyde4114d ago

Nothing is wrong with owning more than one console, and because of the "fanboyism" here is what Xbox Die hards are missing:

First Person Shooters/great multi-player action-
Haze, Unreal tournament 3,Resistance Fall of Man, Warhawk
-Action adventure/platform-
Uncharted, Ratchet and clank, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Heavenly Sword,genji
Everything + Sony made sports games (which I must admit suck)
Gran tourism prolouge, Wipeout HD, Formula One Championship Edition
None besides High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition. :(
-Role playing games-
FolkLore, untold legends (yes it sucked)
Tekken 5 Dr, great price + online.
eye-toy + 4 games, everyday shooter, Flow, Calling all cars, Singstar (tentative), Lair, PAiN, GripShift, Super Rub a Dub
----------------------------- --------------------

Nothing is wrong with buying more than 1 console "fanboys". We should not be arguing over Console vs Console, but over Game vs Game.

EZCheez4114d ago

And I would like to mention it is for that very same reason I am getting a 360. I just can't decide between a core and a premium. I just don't see myself downloading stuff I can also get on the other console most of the time, so the new Arcade could be the one for me.


rhood0224114d ago

It really does pay to own all three instead of being a slave to one (and the company that produces them). I own all three consoles (only really disappointed with the Wii) and its the only way to go.

I feel sorry for fanboys on both sides who will be missing out on great titles all around because they have some unhealthy attachment to a brand name. Although the fanboy back and forths are pretty funny sometimes.

The only bad thin about owning all three is deciding which version of a multiplat game to get. The impending release of COD 4 is giving me a headache (not really). Im leaning towards the 360 version though. Simply because I own more PS3 games. Gotta spread the love ya know.


I'm a PS3 fan (I do own a 360 that's not working anymore due to RROD), but I hate ps3 and 360 fanboys equally.

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