VG Chartz: The Orange Box knocks Halo 3 to Second Place

VG Chartz updates its American sales Chart for Week Ending 13th October 2007. According to VG Chartz, Halo 3 was knocked out of 1st place by The Orange Box for Xbox 360, clocking in at near 350k units in it first week. After 2 weeks at no.1, Halo 3 comes in second place with 285k units and finally The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for DS ranks in at third place with 144k units sold.

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Anything but Cute4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

Halo 3 not # 1 in the united States? But it's only been like 3 weeks.

5 million in the first 2 weeks and 250k in the third week?

WTF is going on??

toughNAME4072d ago

thats 250k more than TOTAL PS3 sales

WTF is going on???

Anything but Cute4072d ago

Well games do sell faster than consoles you know.

toughNAME4072d ago

"Xbox outsold PS3 by almost 4 times, Wii by 1.3 times."

"Xbox completely dominated the software side. Moving over 1.3 million games. More than the Wii and PS3 combined."

***TheBigL053R great post

P1MPDADDY4072d ago

The PS3 beat the 360 for the first time in a long time in EU. That 40GB SKU and the 60GB price drop gave the PS3 a good sales spike. The 360 is still selling fairly well in 3 weeks after Halo 3 launched. As usual the PS3 beat the 360 in Japan no surprise here. Then we get to the US hardware sales. 360 outsold the Wii and PS3.

Heres the kicker even though the PS3 managed to outsell the 360 in EU and Japan the 360 still managed to outsell the PS3 worldwide last week due to its strong US numbers.

Heres the flame-bait. The PS3 fanboys who spread FUD and take away bubbles on this site are always saying just wait, just wait, the PS3 will surpass the 360 soon just you wait. But my question is when??? Every week, every month the 360 outsells the PS3 worldwide when total sales are counted. How can you outsell your competition when they have a significant lead and this lead keeps growing everyday.

PS3 fanboys have some fuzzy math. And before you discredit VGChartz, come correct and show us a better tracking site. Otherwise I think VGChartz is as accurate as can be, all things considered.

Then you look at the software sales in the US. The 360 sold more software last week than the PS3, Wii, and PS2 combined. Heck you could even add in Xbox and Gamecube sales and the 360 still outsold all of them combined.

Numbers dont lie. The 360 is the market leader right now. Wii may sell more consoles, PS3 may sell Blu-Ray movies. But the 360 outsell both of them combined in videogame sales. 3rd Party developers have taken note, which is why we see more and more games coming to the 360 compared to the original Xbox, and why the 360 tends to be the lead platform for multiplatform games this generation.

RelloC4072d ago

that's because EVERYONE already owns it.

Snukadaman4071d ago

you do the math. Who is buying ps3's and why are they not buying Again like last week there wont be much ps3 fanboys too come on here and say much. Look at poor folklore....jesus someone has ps3's but they are not buying games. After seeing these numbers i dont think ratchet and clank will do any better. If heavenly sword cant sell 250k what hope does a niche game like r&c have>?? people are complaining that vgcharts are wrong and "50%" wrong...hahaha ...oh lord.

JsonHenry4071d ago

Good. This game is better than Halo 3 ever dreamed of being. It deserves to outsell Halo 3.

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nasim4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )


PS3 sold over 6m and ur x360 is around 11m . You know that . VGCHARTS data has no credibility.

BTW ps3 : x360 = 2:1 in EU ...wooooot
ps3 :x360 = 4:1 in JAPAN ....wooooooot

ps3 has already overtaken x360 everywhere in the world in terms of total sales except Uk/US/AUSTRALIA and GERMANY

My VCHARTS EU sales thread was denied approval. Why this NOW?

VGCHARTS is not accurate and we all know that

PS3 has outgunned x360 2:1 in EU BTW

Hardware Sales, 13th Oct 2007

Japan America Others Total
DS 76,826 111,861 158,975 347,662
PSP 70,133 75,365 62,027 207,525
PS2 19,660 88,843 75,033 183,536

X360 3,413 123,098 42,244 168,755
PS3 13,646 31,394 77,827 122,867

so ps3 has beaten x360 4:1 in JAPAN
2:1 in EU but x360 has beaten it 4:1 in NA .

ORANGE BOX would be released in november for ps3. cant wait


TheBigL053R4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

Xbox still outsold both Wii and PS3, even beating the DS.

Xbox outsold PS3 by almost 4 times, Wii by 1.3 times.

Xbox completely dominated the software side. Moving over 1.3 million games. More than the Wii and PS3 combined.

Out of the top 20 best sellers this week, Xbox had eight, Wii with 3 and the PS3 with 2. PS2 had 3 in the top 20.

EA took the cake out of the publishers. First party wise, Nintendo did very well, selling 580,000 units. Microsoft moved almost 380,000, almost doubling Sony's 196,000.

With a stellar week last week due to Halo (and the previous), and this week to the Orange Box, Xbox is on a roll.

the worst4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

the wii sold more console in 10 months
than the xbox sold in 2 years
xbl = xboxlag $50 a year for lag
(reply) wow look at all the Reply
i must be telling the truth
tell me what i said wrong please
2 year 10 million wow thats alot
outside the US xbox360 dont exist
not even a milloin between both xbox's in japan

testerg354072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

You're right! But what did PS3 do?..... hello.... hello...

And what the hell.. I thought Folklore was AAA and yet all you PS3 fans could only buy 28k copies?

Double-Edged4072d ago

you are the worst.

it's easy to make fun of your system of choice.
and break your little heart with simple facts of the many uphill struggles and failures of the PS3.

but i wont.
Because I'm not going to scoop down to your level.

So i'm just gonna take your bubble away. =)

testerg354072d ago

I wonder if the total of PS3 software sales even equals total sales of Halo 3 + Gears?

razer4071d ago

Is that the new PS3 fanboy cheer?? The laggy Orange Box!! Did that replace the laggy Halo cheer?

I've played a ton online on the 360 and on the PS3. Newsflash, no matter how much the fanboys won't admit it PSN lags too! Even with dedicated servers, it happens to all online games.. I get it on Live as well, but not enough to kill my fun or the fun of the other millions of people on Live. Have you even tried XBL? I play with a certain group of people and we have no noticable lag. If someone joins from Europe or outside of the USA, yes they can cause things to lag. But most games will tell you ping times and the matchmaking on XBL does a great job of matching you up with people of similar skill level and good ping times. What type of matchmaking does PSN have across all games?? (insert silence)

You say the 360 doesn't exist outside of the USA. Do I really need to post all the links to N4G news where the 360 is beating the PS3. Just look at VGAChartz and you will see until this most recent week the 360 has beat the PS3 in European sales, even worse in the UK. Same goes for Canada and Australia...

Yes the Wii has been a phenominon with it's kid friendly games and its low price point and a bit of luck in the market. But at the same time it's absolutely pounding the hell out of the PS3 in every market, even Japan and this is Sony's backyard..

The only thing I agree with you on is the horrible performance the 360 has in Japan. It's embarrassing, but luckily Japan isn't the center of gaming anymore and as the 360 software attach rate shows the rest of the world buy a hell of a lot more games than Japan.

Mikey_Gee4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

HEY !!
Knock the consoles ... but DO NOT KNOCK THE ORANGE BOX. .. ;-P

It is a fantastic games WELL WORTH the money. And I have read about the lag, but myself ... never experienced it. Fact is, if you NEVER played TF2 .... Portal, HL2, HL2 Epi1, HL2 Epi2 are worth the price alone.

PORTAL WAS KILLER .... very very awsome to put it mild.

PC,PS3, 360 .... Orange box ... must have. And I now I will catch crap for this, but as much as I love the Halo 3 multiplayer, all other aspects of the Halo series < Half Life Series


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Jack Bauer4072d ago

lets see where orange box is in 2 weeks on the charts... halo 3 still in the top of the charts in subsequent weeks after launch after some big releases is untouchable.

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