Nintendo Wii and DS Holiday Game Release List Announced

"Nintendo has just recently announced their game releases for both the Wii and DS from October through the holidays."

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Blasphemy4018d ago

Nintendo defitnitely has alot of games coming to the Wii this year but why do so many of them have to be so medicore? I don't even think calling them medicore is justifiable.

Darkiewonder4018d ago

That's about it.
Galaxy and Geometry wars.

PS360WII4018d ago

Well dang and this is only for Nintendo. November is gonna hurt the most. What with Fire Emblem, Lego Star Wars, Mario, Lara Croft Anniversary, Medal of Honor Heroes 2, Link's Cross Bow Training and for DS DQ Monsters, Orcs and Elves, FFXII, and Ninja Gaiden.

I suppose this is why they don't release anything really worthwhile during the summer. We are all still trying to play all the other games we got during the holiday season!