Rumor: Leaked Project Cafe (Wii 2) Photos

DP: A leaked presentation slide showed a couple days ago, with a rumored model of Project Cafe, and today, more images have emerged showing the same design.

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Jestrella243502d ago

i am betting it gets released this year

iamtehpwn3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

I think this could be a Dev Kit. I mean, Anyone ever seen a PS3 dev kit?

looks nothing like the actual hardware.

MaxXAttaxX3502d ago

I'm not one to call fake on everything. But the Nintendo logo is a little big compared to every other Nintendo system. I don't see a disc slot. And the lights are on despite it not being plugged into anything.

iPlayGamez3501d ago

im sure that is real, but i think iamtehpwn is right about that being a SDK. remember the nintendo flyer to developers leaked, it had a pic of cafe from this article but it also says "Cafe is the most developer friendly SDK ever" so i think that is the SDK because it looks kind of ugly TBH. it looked cool in the other leaked pic but this one makes it look of uninspiring.

miyamoto3501d ago

where is the optical disc drive in this photo?

xAlmostPro3501d ago

Looks like extremely cheap plastic tbh lol

I'm gonna call fake until it's confirmed though

supremacy3501d ago

But i mean wasnt this the same case with the ps3slim? People got leaked images and called them fake and ugly then when it was actually revieled many turn around and accepted with open arms.

It could very well be the same case here, i also see the background in the pics have this office meeting theme to it, so it could be plausible.

archemides5183501d ago

that's the new western digital hard drive!!!!

Shok3502d ago

A group of people put a lot of time in effort into this fake, because this is the same model we first say from that black and white picture from 4-Chan, and then that blurry picture with a colored picture of it, which looked exactly like this.

But It's fake. I see no disk slot, and the power lights are on yet it's not plugged into anything.

FanOfGaming3502d ago

Good observation, it does appear to be shopped. But it is consistent with the previous leaked image.

fr0sty3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

compared to this (more legit looking) pic that was leaked, the design is the same but the nintendo letters on the side are not silver. this is either a smaller than full size model made as a proof of concept, or a very elaborate fake. There's no way in hell it'll be that small though.

FanOfGaming3502d ago

I don't think those are silver letters, I think the off-screen shot of the presentation slide makes it appear to look as if it was a shiny silver.

fr0sty3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

I disagree, as if that were the case you'd see a similar shine around other edges around that logo as well (especially on the zig-zag line in the center). That logo is definitely reflective.

fr0sty3502d ago

could just be a mock up, kinda similar to how the ps3 slims that leaked out in the wild prior to launch were nothing more than hollow cases, but were made by Sony just to show what the final system would look like.

Rainstorm813502d ago

I looks very similar to the Wii, Ninty usually changes the look of their controllers and console every gen...i call fake tooo

Good points above

iPlayGamez3501d ago

i hope its fake but i dont think it is. that line is to thin for a disc slot so it might be download only. i would prefer disc but it makes sense for nintendo to do this. DVD is to small and they dont to pay for bluray. and downloads have faster load times than bluray

some sources say it will have bluray, i hope they are true rather than this.

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stragomccloud3502d ago

Yeah. I'm betting although this is the same design as other leaks... it just doesn't look real to me. Or at least a model showing the general design.

morkendo233502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

after looking at photo of possible wii2. no disc tray, no cartrige slot. unless nentindo will use UMD like slots in the controller like psp. come to think of is rumor the controller will use screen tech like psp, so it is possible for this to be feasible everything wireless.

this also could be fake for hits????

matey3502d ago

Nintendo said it would have a wii-vibe so this could be real

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