How to Play WoW with Xbox 360 Controller

SwitchBlade is an easy-to-use application that brings a fully configured game controller interface to any PC game. Once SwitchBlade is installed, it provides a console gaming experience for the gamer looking for a new way to play popular PC games. The first game supported by SwitchBlade is World of Warcraft.

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akaFullMetal4023d ago

its more simple to use a mouse and keyboard on wow, but i guess other games it would pretty cool for, racing games, football, and fighters

Azurite4023d ago

So... why would you do this?
Downgrading just for kicks?

@akaFullMetal: Agreed.

Bnet3434023d ago

don't want carpal tunnel, but want to play WoW?

risk4023d ago

i pretty sure holding 5 different buttons for different actions will give you carpnal tunnel syndrome. If you actually hold the mouse properly you wont get carpnal tunnel, but i guess everybody just holds it one way for the entire 6 hours they raid in wow.

Fux4Bux4023d ago

Why the hell would you use a controller for WoW? Good for everything but Shooters, MMOs or strategy games....... except that's %95 of PC games anyways.