GRAW 2 Co-Op Collection - 5 missions and 9 maps are coming to Xbox Marketplace

A few fairly major shooters shipped in the past few weeks and, frankly, Ubisoft is sick of everyone going ga-ga over Halo 3 and Orange Box. GRAW 2 has been lost in the busy FPS season (and Game of the Year conversation). Ubisoft hopes to change that, by getting gamers to pop GRAW 2 back into their 360s. To do this, Ubisoft is releasing the GRAW 2 Co-Op Collection in late October or early November.

The Co-Op Collection offers five brand new campaign missions that continue the story from GRAW 2. There are also nine adversarial maps for online play. Seven of these maps are remakes of GRAW classics, while two are brand-spankin' new. And for those Achievement whores out there, the Co-Op Collection offers nine new Achievements totally 125 Gamerpoints.

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DG4021d ago

Man this sucks now I cant trade it in for COD4.

Mike Ox Big4021d ago

it's too late now, we've moved on

iheartSONY4021d ago

Maybe you are but I've just bought it.

Mr Marbles4021d ago

i was waiting for the price to drop, this is perfect, more for less, this is the beauty of the 360, the great older games are coming down in price offering you even more options.

Omegasyde4021d ago

that this update never comes to the PS3.

No offense, but Ps3 users get the shaft on DLC.

Lmao Look at Elder Scrolls...Half a year later of "promises", and yet
Betheda has the brass balls to re-release the game as a Game of the Year edition w/ the extra content on disc.

Exception: Motorstorm, but 1 tracks and 5 cars? What happened to the 3 other tracks?

Greysturm4021d ago

They are just equalizing the versions through dlc.

Gabe884021d ago

i dont care im way too busy playing halo 3 and the orange lol.