Grand Theft Auto IV Preview

"October 16, 2007!" At its pre-E3 press conference last year, Microsoft showed off a Grand Theft Auto IV tattoo on Peter Moore's arm and gave a happy audience the magic release date for the long-awaited sequel. Following that, Rockstar's game built momentum. The promise of downloadable chapters, the revealing of a photo-realistic city resembling New York City and the slowly evolving story focusing on Russian immigrant turned opportunist Niko Bellic were all revealed, showing a much more evolved GTA experience – one even bigger than Grand Theft Auto III or its sequels, and then the inevitable happened. Rockstar delayed it to spring 2008, giving Rockstar North more time to polish it.

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SmokeyMcBear4109d ago

wow.. you just made me really really really really sad.. i remember a time when the game was supposed to be released today.

BLUR1114109d ago

yea and come out today all half ass , gamers should be happy they care about making it good . the next gen games are way hard to develope plus there's plenty of cool awesome games on the way til gta4

PopEmUp4109d ago

This should be the time where everybody should be in EB/Gamestop and grabbing a copies of GTA IV

Itachi4109d ago

now we are just bored

V2oom4109d ago

I'm going out on a limb here, but I'd say you own a PS3.
Nobody who ownes a 360 could be bored at this time.

tethered4109d ago

@ V2oom
Thats because they are all on bashing the PS3 day in and day out.
Silly fanboys.

KS19854109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

I'm just wondering, would EA have had to use a belt-sander to get that GTAIV tattoo off Moore's Arm?

waldopepper4109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

You're just being silly now. I'm sure aware that EA require all new employees to have their limbs and brain stems replaced with cyber-mechanical upgrades so the amputated arm would have been left to one side. This is how they facilitate constantly pumping out so many titles every other day and assimilate new companies with ease.

Resistance is futile.

KS19854109d ago

cyber-mechanical upgrades? now who's being sily????

All joking aside. I am looking foward to this game, at first I was abit worried, that Rockstar would repeat the same GTA game over and over again.

DG4109d ago

That was the most $#ity preview ever. Tell me something I dont know like what the multi player is like. Or a release date. Anything exept the bland jiber jabber you got from comparing the trailers to the old literations of the game. This is spam.