Images of Assassin's Creed

Ubisoft released these images of Assassin's Creed.

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Gh0stDrag0n5372d ago

This game is going to be great!

HaHa5372d ago

posting an article as ps3 only???? am i seeing things right? maybe he's changed ahahah :P

Gh0stDrag0n5372d ago

Did you ever think that the guy likes GAMES?

TheMART5372d ago

I was waiting for your comment... Look where the link brings you :)

OutLaw5372d ago

Good comeback. Also great pics.

HaHa5372d ago

because if he did he wouldn't tell such crap about the ps3. i'm just sick of it you think i don't know that not everything sony says is right, but the same goes for microsoft and every other company because they only care about money. yes OUR MOOLAH. but he's like microsoft is good and will help us and blah bla. just think out has came out of this competition so far the 360 getting updated every month online getting cheaper, ps3 having more and more features just enjoy it i say and let the good games flow, no fanboyism

HaHa5372d ago

i just clicked the link :S

TheMART5372d ago

On your first post, I don't say MS is an angle. But lets get the lies from both parties. You call MS lie, I call Sony lie. I'll start, you'll follow?

2 x HDMI on every PS3, where did it go?

gnothe15372d ago

do you really think he's gonna play that game with you!! sony has WAY to many lies. he wouldnt have but a few lies from MS but you could go all day with sony, so no he's not gonna play that game!!

nightcrawla5372d ago

Please read this before read you try to trick, people into thinking that AC could come to the 360.I read on this site all the time,and I hear 360 fanboys say that they have "X" number of exclusives..but once PS3 get certain games fanboys cant except it, so they try get to people to think it might come to their fav. the way this is not a flame, just an Observation.........