GC06: Full level of Splinter Cell Double Agent

Xboxyde went back to the Ubisoft booth to shoot a walkthrough of the famous Kinshasah level of Splinter Cell Double Agent, now in integrality.

The build was much more advanced than the one they saw at E3, and the framerate problems they experienced back then are now gone for good.

Xboxyde also discovered a new feature, "Trust", which indicates during the game how much your employers trust in you, depending on the choices you make (saving innocents or not, skipping objectives etc). Finally, they had a quick overview of some new maps of the final game, and those who feel disturbed by the odd settings of the Kinshasah level can relax, there are a lot of different environnements, and it's more than ever about using gadgets, sneaking and hiding.

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TheMART5375d ago

So for all the Freaking Fony Fanboys that were whining about Splinter Cell couldn't be done on the 360 be quiet.

The problem was an early build, something you'll see as soon as Sony is starting to give you more gamedemo's. Untill now they have been giving the fans almost nothing

So here you have it. Splinter Cell. Another great exclusive on 360!

Jay da 2KBalla5375d ago

Looking very good indeed and all the sony fanboys can do is hate.

JIN KAZAMA 1875375d ago

but damn, its boring as hell. Hide, crouch and walk, shoot one guy. then run for a mile, then shoot one person. Kinda boooring, almost fell asleep.

But if you wanna tlak about the 360 not handling stuff, there was a review that was acciently posted on of saint row, in the final build of the game, there are parts where the entire environment just blacks out, and reappears!! Come on now.

PS3sux360inchWiiWii5375d ago

this is on par with MGS4? a Next-Gen pop and shoot?

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