Ratchet and Clank HD Pixelation Issue - Insomniac Responds?

There has been some discussion about the recently released demo of Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction for the Playstation 3 on the well known gaming forum Neogaf.

A very select few have been having some visual troubles with the game, resulting in a pixelated mess on their HDTV's. This is surprising, since most who have experienced the beauty of Insomniac's game can see that it is very sharp and pretty damn special to say the least. So what is going on here?

MANUAL UPDATE: Images of the actual problem have been added as well as the actual link to the Neogaf forum containing supposed response from the Insomniac employee.


The poster on the Neogaf board has been confirmed as an actual employee of Insomniac. Well known to the board, and featured in several of Insomniac's Podcasts.

The new headline now reads...

"Ratchet and Clank HD Pixelation Issue? Insomniac Responds"

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wil4hire4020d ago

704p not confirmed. I smell trolls trying to tarnish ratchet.

Where are the links to the forums? Cant wait till Insomniac debunks this one as well.

The ps3 can have NO good news, NO good releases without someone trying to ruin it.


Violater4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

on my Bravia KDL-26S33000
Never the less, I hear da trollz comin

Twizlex4020d ago

The Bravia was one of the TV's that was specifically mention DOES NOT have this problem.

Snukadaman4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

that were here last time...

yea same trolls different problem with another console. enjoy.

oh wil4hire you mean when someone posted like this also...

point is both consoles get things like this with "no credible sources" and is still reported as news....get used too it.

wil4hire4020d ago

This story has no links to any SOURCE credible or not.

techie4020d ago

Beyond3d where the speculation about 704p is down at the moment, plus there are pictures of the black just have to look for them.

Makidian4019d ago

I have played both of the demo's, on disc and downloadable, multiple times now and have never ever had this problem. I don't know why people try to pass this off as credible.

Nostradavis4019d ago


This is not about a problem trying to be "passed off as credible" it is about a developer responding to an issue that only a small amount of users may be having. It shows the dedication of the developer.

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drtysouf214020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

have not noticed any problems. Going to check to see though.

Edit no problems at all. I'm betting its their TV's.

C_SoL4020d ago

having no problems. i'm guessing its some demos have that problem or it's their tv's.

Taker_1294020d ago

played the demo disk from gamespot and i downloaded it off the store to compare the two and even though the demo disk has sharper colors the psn demo was very crisp and no problems at all

sonarus4020d ago

have 1080p no probs 2. 704p is funny though. The game still looks great though

beavis4play4020d ago

it's an xbots rebuttle to the 640p halo. i have played the demo countless times just to appreciate the beauty of the game. this doesn't occur.
it's too bad some loser is spreading bogus info. if this is happening, someone should make a video of it. and if it's only one person, maybe their tv has issues. but the game? i doubt its the problem.(if there is a problem)

Nostradavis4020d ago

First off, no one is blaming Insomniac, it has yet to be confirmed as a game or television set issue. The Insomniac member who supposedly responded on the board did not admit to it being a game issue and simply asked if the individuals having the issue could provide more information about their TV etc.

Why does everything have to be a fanboy issue?

squallsoft4020d ago

because this site has a bad rep of posting opinion peices and crap to start flame wars

Nostradavis4020d ago

I agree, but it sucks for people that are are looking to post information about BOTH consoles and could care less about the fanboy flame wars. If you look at my posting history, I have not favored one console over the other...ever. I post what I feel is interesting information. Period.

This site deserves better than the fanboy contributors that are ruining it for everyone else.