Gran Turismo TV Revealed

Sony's production team has been making the rounds at different automakers, that's nothing too earth-shaking, but the big news is that Gran Turismo 5 will finally inject some personality into the series. GT Channel has confirmed that the team is hitting carmakers and interviewing key individuals at Ford, Audi, Nissan and other firms for on-camera footage. These interviews will be used in Gran Turismo 5 as bonus footage about the world of cars. Think of it like Special Features or Deleted Scenes you'd find in a HD-DVD or Blu-Ray disc. This is without-a-doubt, what Sony has been touting as Gran Turismo TV.

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techie4024d ago

I think it should be approved. Just because the title sounds old...the article has a new video, and a new screenshot.

sonarus4024d ago

GT5 is gonna be the most complete racing game ever. Hopefully it comes out next yr and dosent get pushed back to next. Include tuning and car damage as well as dynamic weather while maintaining 1080p 60fps with those photo realistic graphics and i would honestly like to hear what the GT critics have to say bout it now. I hope the GT demo gets to the US or UK store i'd play it in japanese but would rather play it in a language i understand lol

Proxy4023d ago

Hopefully they can persuade those companies they were missing. Porche and Lamborgini (sp?)? Were those the two missing now?

AnalFace4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

bugger the graphics the physics matter most and BY GOD are they going be realistic... jesus, race drivers still use GT4 for pratice before le mans!

The Real Driving Sim!

Kigmal. I'm talkng about driving physics, oversteer and understeer, drift and grip.. they are perfect in GT, and BTW the damage in Forza 2 is a gimmick. Need For Speed Pro Street has a better damage model ahahahahahahahaha!

Bnet3434024d ago

GT is like semi-driving sim or just a driving game, theres no car damage

sonarus4023d ago

car damage isnt all. You don't drive to crash your car. Just because a game dosent have car damage is not that big a deal. I would like to see it done jst to make the game as realistic and complete as possible but if they don't its not gonna stop me from enjoying GT any less

Skerj4024d ago

GTTV is supposed to be bigger than what they mentioned in the article. The devs are trying to build a media stream in the game so players can watch races from around the world that would otherwise take a little legwork to get access to. The only thing they're worried about is licensing issues and I hope that doesn't hinder the vision. They're also planning on having a realtime ticker at the bottom of the menus with the latest news in the automotive/Gran Turismo world.

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The story is too old to be commented.