FCC lets out Zune details and photos

Toshiba just admited the Zune to the FCC for approval. Doing so, they also release a few details and photos. Click read more

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Gh0stDrag0n5375d ago

How much will it cost? It's only hope to do well in the market is to be alot cheaper than a iPod.

signal3605375d ago

Gh0stDrag0n did you have problems going to this article as well?

Gh0stDrag0n5375d ago

No, and thanks for clearing the outher one up.

signal3605374d ago

Gh0stDragon, man I'm always here to help. You should come by and actually check out our websiet sometime. I know it's not as huge as this place with every single piece of news in existance.. but it is ad free, done totally out of love for gaming.

Marriot VP5375d ago

IF there's no video I could care less.

Optimus Prime5375d ago

i agree, but i want one, i am skipping the ipods to get a zune. i got a psp first of all, sold it within the first month,(thank goodness) and now i want one of these beasts.

highps35375d ago

Sorry to be a fanboy but this just looks like a ghetto ipod.

Hopefully the features will make this stand out from the rest of the mp3s players out...

Marriot VP5374d ago

yah well if you think about it there's really no other way to make music players with big Hard drives. Ipod was the first and that's commendable.

signal3605373d ago

Ipod wasn't the first. Eiger Labs MPMan F10 was. The second was, Rio PMP300 in 1998. The ipod didnt come around until 2001.