Assassin's Creed PS3 skin

PS3 Fanboy writes: "Ever thought your PS3 was a bit ... bland? A bit boring? We're talking about the aesthetic quality of the box itself, not its functions or features. Frankly, we don't find ourselves staring at the machine long enough to really notice, but if you do then there are many ways that you can remedy the situation".

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bym051d4017d ago

Wow... the PS3 is by far the most visually appealing console of this generation. Why would you need to skin it at all?

wil4hire4017d ago

Enough with all the BS books / behind the scenes crap. WHERE IS THE GAME.

Barreldragon004017d ago

Its ok and all

But why spend good money on skins for your console when you can just buy a game. You only look at your console when you turn it on or switch disks which is what like .5% of your playing time. i just never understood it.

vaan4017d ago

Skins are for kids. That thing would look crap in your front room.

bourner4017d ago

kinda cheep .i think changing the colour is as far as the ps3 styles should go

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The story is too old to be commented.