Console Central: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Import Review 8/10

Crisis Core features many characters from the main game including Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth and Aeries. The main story is focused on Zack and the Shinra Company with Zack trying to become a first class soldier just like his leader Angeal. At the time and throughout all of the FF7 series cloud is just a low level soldier who never makes it to SOLDIER. The story also explains that Sephiroth is not the only one winged angel in the series but there are others. Somehow they are all able to fly fine with just one wing.

Crisis Core is an Action Adventure game that is unlike the first game. Instead of moving from one place to the other gamers are given missions and sent to a certain place.

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cloud3604021d ago

9.5 if they understood the awesome story

PS360WII4021d ago

No unlockables or side quests! I disbelieve! Can't be true :(

I'll still pick it up but I hope he's wrong with that.

midgard2294020d ago

the review on rpgfan says so, they said that some of them are really hard tho. so yes there are side quest ;p

tho i heard the side quest variety was lacking

PS360WII4020d ago

ah cool thanks for clearing that up. Lack of variety is one thing but to not have any is criminal.

games4fun4021d ago

bloodmask how long did it take you to find a site to somehow dis this game lol.

lonestarmt4021d ago

8/10 is pretty high for someone who doesn't understand whats going on, besides how can he really know there is no side quests if he can't understand anything? Its hard to review a game in Japanese, let alone an rpg, where the story is the most important part. for shame

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The story is too old to be commented.