Call of Duty 4 Ultimate Hands On Edition

PSU writes: "By now everyone in the gaming world has heard of Call of Duty 4's incredibly robust multiplayer offering. If you've had the chance to jump into the multiplayer beta provided on Xbox Live, then you know that Infinity Ward is providing one of the best online experiences ever. However, what you might not know is how well the single player part of the game is holding up. Well continue reading and you'll find out".

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skynidas4117d ago

this game is going to be awesome

Scythesean4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

PS3 has jaggies and doesn't run as smooth? Where is he pulling this from, last I heard from IW was that there is NO differance between the PS3 and 360. This guy doesn't know a damn thing if he is claiming this.

razer4117d ago

That contradicts the earlier post from GameSpot or whoever that was... I think both versions are going to look near identical and play the same.. IW is not going to shortchange any platform.

LSDARBY4117d ago

I havent looked at the article, but if he says that then LMAO. coming from "PlayStation Universe". Thats quite bad actually, ive read from more places that both versions are looking good. So this means nothing to me.

Panthers4117d ago

Yea I dont think he does. Probably extreamly nitpicky. Like I said in another story, they will find differences when there are not any...

PimpHandHappy4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

he said

May find some jaggies on the PS3 version...not as smooth in some areas as you may find on the PC or Xbox 360.

this is just a case of the so called media ppl still playing on the last few games that have been shooters on both systmes. You wont hear anything about jaggies BUT YOU MAY

that just means someone will post a blog about it and then it will become flame bait. Even if there is no difference.

im playing Graw right now and i heard that said. Its jaggie..I dont really see it. Maybe i need to pause the game and look at the rocks or something...i dont get it

Bebop4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )


"Still, as strong as Call of Duty 4 is shaping up to be in the gameplay department, the most immediately impressive aspect is by far its graphics. The PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions all look surprisingly similar, but that's not due to one platform being the lead; Infinity Ward personally assured us that development occurred simultaneously on all three platforms, and that there wasn't a base system.

****With that said, the console similarities end when it comes to textures, lighting and resolutions, because those three areas make the PlayStation 3 version definitely excel over the Xbox 360 SKU***"

WTF ! is going on.. Too much media Bull flying about as always..
I guess we will just have to wait a little longer & see for ourdelves.

joydestroy4117d ago

yeah, that's what i read too.
but whatevvs.

yay COD4!!!
i don't even need to read what anyone has to say about this game, i'm getting it no matter what.