Rumor Slayer: God of War 4, NGP Launch Titles, Project Café

VGN365 give their verdict on God of War 4 releasing in 2012, NGP’s launch titles as well as the much-rumored Project Café.

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skynidas3503d ago

I hope that Sony announces God of War 4 on E3, I loved the last game

shotgun_ps33503d ago

Am thinking, if God of War 3 was anything to go by, they'll show a short CG trailer at E3. Then next E3 they'll do a gameplay reveal and it'll come out in 2013.

As much as I love God of War though I would prefer it if Santa Monica did a new IP since they are very talented developers and letting them loose on something completely new would make me think about hibernating until said game came out.

skynidas3503d ago

Yeah, you are right about how good would it be for Santa Monica Studios to make a new ip, I think that they could make a new great franchise for Sony to build on.

revengemadmax3503d ago

god of war 4? i wonder how they will continue the story.. after killing god.. im suprised they can even make a god of war.. without any of the orginal gods... since they all died... doh!

skynidas3503d ago

Maybe they come back from the dead lol

itsmyyard3503d ago

maybe they go Egyptian :-p

Samus HD3503d ago

maybe it's a prequel - cuz the story can't go on - it was the END

DigitalRaptor3503d ago

I believe HipHopGamer when he says God of War 4 is coming out with 3D and co-op functionality.

I mean what else would Santa Monica be doing after making a brand new engine for GOW3?

Amaterasu53503d ago

god of war 4 only works if it's a new story,,,,,i love kratos, but his story ended perfectly, don't mess that up :(

blumatt3503d ago

Either way, man. I'm interested to see what the game looks and plays like. God of War 3 is still one of the top 5 best looking console games this generation, and that combined with its cinematic and jaw-dropping set pieces, made the game an absolute joy to play and watch.

Like others above me have said, though, it'll be interesting to see how they spin the story since all of the original gods have been killed off by Kratos.

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Goeres3503d ago

Kratos Vs Thor...


Manibi973503d ago

Thor would just get his hammer knocked out of his hands and beg for mercy!

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