How a 681-day achievement streak comes to an end

Joystiq writes: "David Dreger, better known to the Xbox community by his gamertag "Knuckles Dawson," finally saw the end to his 681-day Xbox achievement streak on Oct. 4. Dreger tells why it happened in his latest Achievement 101 feature on sister-site X3F. After receiving MVP status from Microsoft on Oct. 1., he finally made the decision to stop -- but it took another few days for it to actually happen. Dreger received at least one achievement on his Xbox 360 gamertag every day from Nov. 22, 2005 until Oct. 4, 2007".

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wageslave4023d ago

Achievements are like a meta-game, I love the small sense of pride you get ever time a you increase your GamerScore.

Its strange, and irrational I know, but boy is it fun.

This guy, well, he's out-of-control. It is good he stopped, for his own health. :)

Covenant4023d ago

Well, achievements are gaming crack. Anyone with a 360 knows what I'm talking about.

This guy, tho, is a total achievement crack whore...makes one of my friends, who plays nearly anything (including Surf's Up) to increase his score, look like a total amateur.

Still impressive, though.

d3l33t4023d ago

lives are hard to come by now adays

WilliamRLBaker4023d ago

achievements are stupid they are FAR too easy to get not a single achievement i've seen has been hard to get.

Skerj4023d ago

Check out the "Seriously..." achievement for Gears of War.

okcomputer4023d ago

Yea.. thats the first thing that came to my mind. 10,000 multiplayer kills is damn near impossible. I think I may have about 10,000 kills if you add up every single video game i've ever played since about age 12.

d3l33t4023d ago

no way man im at 1000 alone for the warkhawk :D

skynidas4023d ago

im already at 5500 kills in warhawk and bought it in september so 10000 kills is not difficult

socomnick4023d ago

In multiplayer gears is much harder to get kills most matches end with me having around 9 kills average. matches last a pretty long time.

kooplar4023d ago

Unlike warhawk where u constantly respawn and is easy to get double, triple kills. gears kills come very slowly id say about 1-2 kills every 3-5 minutes if your good ( 3-5 minutes being 1 round)

SacT0wnF1n3st4023d ago

Seriously achievement for Gears is not hard. It is just time consuming. It took me about 2 months to get it.

PS360PCROCKS4022d ago

Gears of War seriously took me about 2 months to get after getting the game, took me about three or so weeks for the other 49.

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jackie chann4023d ago

I bet you can't get that one without having your friend crowd around a plasma grenade or it being custom.

Firewire4023d ago

This guy needs to get out more! Good Job though!

Quickstrike4023d ago

this guy needs 2 things a job a girlfriend

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