Hands-On: Super Mario Galaxy Might Save Christmas

"Let's see, this makes three Christmases I've saved, versus eight I've ruined, two were kind of a draw."

Having snatched Christmas out of our pitiful orphan hands with the Smash Bros. delay, Nintendo may very well be giving it back with Super Mario Galaxy. It was fun at E3, but we got to play a near-finished version of the game from the very beginning at Nintendo's recent media briefing, and I've got that old feeling again. I remember waking up early in the morning so I could play Mario Sunshine all day, and that's what Galaxy threatens to do to me on November 12.

This is mostly because the action feels so perfect, as only Mario games seem to. Is Nintendo just one of the only developers left who will sink years and years into a family-friendly action game like this and make it feel spot-on? Everything from the backflips to the Goomba-stomping is thoroughly entertaining, and Galaxy doesn't shy away from throwing some curveball challenges at you even early on.

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unsunghero284020d ago

saying that around here, or they'll hear you...

This is N4G. Liking Nintendo isn't allowed, remember?

jackdoe4020d ago

I didn't realize Christmas needed saving...

solidt124020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

This is the only game to look forward to this year on Wii since brawl got pushed back. Nintendo really needs to get more games out like this fast. Ratched and Clank on the PS3 is looking really good right about now.

AllanWakker4020d ago

So Wired has some dopey teenage Nintendo fanboy writing for them?


gamesblow4020d ago

This is terrible... Mario looks no different than Sunshine, only in space. Now, don't get me wrong. Sunshine still impresses me (visually) but this isn't even applicable as to how next gen gaming should be defined. The wii mote will only add to this games overly complex problems, yet no review site will dare mention how bad the game plays until many years later.

Case and point... Sunshine. Everyone gave it 9's and 10's... Said it was flawless almost. Now all you hear is the same idiots who reviewed it talking about how poor it controlled... Whatever.