CCP Offers New World of Darkness, EVE Details

During a tour of White Wolf Publishing and CCP's new Atlanta office, CCP North America president Mike Tinney revealed several new details on both the World of Darkness MMO currently under development and the future of EVE Online.

"[World of Darkness] is in a prototype stage right now. There's a lot of experimentation, nothing is set in stone. It's a very open and active exchange of ideas," Tinney explained.

As for the future of EVE Online, Shacknews spoke with a CCP employee who noted that the company has put DirectX10 support on the backburner in order to focus on optimized DirectX9 support and the forthcoming upgrade that will add normal mapping and specular mapping to the game, among other graphical features. He also pointed out that that the difference focuses of the economy-driven EVE Online and the action-based World of Darkness should allow the games to co-exist without cannibalizing the sales of one another.

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Twizlex4023d ago

What a perfect setting for an MMO. I'm actually incredibly surprised that this IP wasn't tapped into as soon as MMO's started getting popular. I'm interested to see how this turns out. It could end up all action oriented and missing the point of the world, or it could be a EVE/first-gen Star Wars Galaxies hybrid that would just be spectacular. Color me excited.