Jack Ryan' Special Edition HD DVD Not So Special?

In what may end up being the biggest packaging blunder yet for a high-def title, Paramount's 'Jack Ryan Collection' HD DVD appears to have shipped to retail in a deluxe "Special Collectors Edition" box set that contains none of its advertised bonus features.

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Meus Renaissance4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

Whoever is head of Paramount needs to be fired. Sell out your biggest title to HD-DVD, now you sell a Special Box with only one disc in it and nothing else. What next? Sell Blu-Ray discs accidentally in HD-DVD cases?

wil4hire4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )


Wonder if Paramount will claim a shipping error, or fault lack of space.

cuco334072d ago

Last I checked, ALL the reviews of the HD DVD version gave it perfect scores in both picture and audio quality. From 5/5 to 10/10, and that's WITHOUT lossless audio, an audio format that is not needed.

Rip off is what Fox did by finally releasing movies that weren't playing on some Samsung and LG players, and the publicly thrashing the player manufacturers for not playing the disks.

But to be on topic, that does suck if it's not included.

Makroyale4071d ago

PCM is uncompressed audio in its uncompressed form. Any other competing format has been compressed.

Just because HD-DVD doesn't have the space to hold audio in it's uncompressed form, doesn't make PCM an unnecessary format.

Ten years ago you probably thought prologic was better than Dolby Digital didn't you?

cuco334071d ago

Sour aren't we? Refer to my other post. In essence, I'll believe audio engineers with 20+ yrs of experience over any BDA exec or BD fan over whether lossless is needed or not. In short, 99% of people can't tell the difference between lossless audio tracks and those compressed with bit rates above 320kps. But you might be that 1% that has super human hearing and can tell the difference from a high quality compressed audio track and uncompressed one. How's your home theater setup? You do know it's not just a receiver with HDMI that is needed right? ;)

Take a blind test. I guarantee you that you won't be able to distinguish the difference between the two. Audiophiles themselves can't how can a gamer?

WilliamRLBaker4072d ago

someone at paramount forgot to use the final master copy instead of the basic master copy they created to seat the final creator process.

SIX4072d ago

They all went on vacation and hired a bunch of monkeys to do there work for a month.

Loopy4072d ago

Strike 1: HD-DVD deal
Strike 2: No hi-def audio for Transformers
Strike 3: Jack Ryan Extra false advertising

Alas, this is not baseball....

cdzie14072d ago

Transformers does have High-def audio, DD+ 1.5 Mbps, which is 3 times the data rate of normal DVD. It doesn't have lossless audio, which is uncompressed.

All of the reviews are saying the audio is a 10 out of 10. I'll be watching it later tonight.

Makroyale4072d ago

It does have hidef audio but is missing lossless. HD-DVDers better get used to not having lossless on most movies that have a length over 2 hours.

The extended LOTR will probably even be a flipper on HD-DVD.

cuco334072d ago

as for the lossless argument, it's a null and void and a dead one. Does anyone here have an audiophile ear to hear the difference above 320kps bitrate? Does anyone here have a $30,000 home theater setup to even USE lossless?

Don't think so. To end it, 99.9% of people can't distinguish between a high quality compressed audio track like DD+ and lossless like PCM, DTS-MA, TrueHD

In other words, it's a useless pissing contest.

Enjoy that high end audio on your "high end" home theater in the box... :rollseyes:

Makroyale4071d ago

I hate when people on this forum talk and they don't even know what they are talking about.

You don't need a $30,000 Home Theater System to play lossless audio. It requires an HDMI receiver and they are $800... Do us all a favor and do some research before we have to listen to crap from you that sounds worse than the compressed audio you cheer for.

Yes, I can tell the difference between uncompressed PCM and other competing formats, I don't know where you get this 99.9% of people can't tell, but maybe that's 99.9% of your friends or family. Just because you've never heard it doesn't mean anything.

It's not a null and void arguement, it's all jelousy because people who bought into HD DVD can't enjoy it.

cuco334071d ago

to: Makroyale. An HDMI reciever ISN'T the only thing you need. First off you need a good one that can pass the signal properly. You also need top notch speakers that have the proper frequency response (for one) just to play it properly. After you have all that, even a low end unit that can play lossless decently will net you $10,000. EVEN IF YOU HAVE THAT, the pros have already stated that 99% of people can't tell the difference in a blind test between lossless and high quality lossy (i.e. what DD+ is). Even the audiophiles. Do this test, encode a CD track in 128kps bit rate, 192kps, 256kps, 320kps and keep going. Now listen to the CD and compare it to the ripped tracks. You'll notice a difference between 128 and CD and probably 192 and CD. Get into 256 and it starts to sound the same. 320 and higher you can't tell the difference. This is just an example to show sound comparison of lossless vs high quality lossy. It easily translates to film audio quality.
PCM is fine and all, but why isn't it included in EVERY BD? Why doesn't BD have lossless in EVERY disc? Did you know BD wasn't even going to include lossless from the get go because of my arguement where people can't tell the difference? Besides, the pros have said PCM takes up a lot of space on it's own and there are better lossless audio tracks but it depends on what the studio wants to mix the disc with... better video or better audio? If most can't tell lossless vs lossy, why not get the picture up some? Perfect example: Transformers in HD DVD looks and sounds GREAT.

For the record I was all proBD and proPS3 at one point but am neutral and have thought since the get go that lossless isn't really needed. Why? I worked in radio before and was told audio files could not be lossless wav files due to size limitations and 'politics' so unless I was playing the disc itself on air they had certain bit rate requirements for the rips. I preached what you say, lossless or nothing. Then I did the test I described and realized that what the pros said about high quality lossy being transparent to the master = lossless to the master, i.e. you can't tell the difference. Granted you have to bridge a gap between 2-ch audio to multi-ch film audio but the translation is the same. Go read up on it, and research. I get the 'facts' you critique from audio engineers with 20+ yrs of experience. I'ld listen to them any day over anyone who works for BDA or is a fan of BD.

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