New Shots From Koei's Fatal Inertia

Fresh roster of screens from this combat racing title by Koei, exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

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achira5375d ago

hot !!! i hope the gameplay will be perfect.

Sevir045375d ago

TGS will really show what this game has to offer, i hope it's fast and frantic, because i like racing games like that ^^ if it is any good then i'd probably get this and motorstorm over RR7 and full auto 2, although both those games look good

no_more_heroes5375d ago

Thank god!!! Still doesn't interest me though...

PS3 Ultimate5374d ago

OMG! Now that the future is ALMOST here with the PlayStation 3, alot of games are starting to look CGI! Incredible!! Heavenly Sword was the 1st game to look CGI. Absolutely amazing! The best looking screen shot is the 4th one. I like how they had the blurry effect on certain areas and not all over the place. Amazing!