PS3 warranty voided by surge protector

A member of the Playstation forums called up Sony regarding his four month old PS3 which had turned into a brick, with the trouble starting back a while ago when the system would just shut off. However, the Playstation rep wasn't interested in all that, as soon as he heard the gamer had used a high quality power surge protector, the rep remarked 'okay great, Sony can fix it right up for you for $150' as the year-long warranty was voided by the surge protector.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

Now we know.

pukka_p4023d ago

This is nonsense. Some guy doesn't know WTF he's doing, is a bit dim (possibly a little unfair) and posts on a forum for ideas about what to do next.

This isn't meant to be a forum, but hey - if this story counts as news then I feel justified. Just look up a decent legal-sounding form of words (not too much - see step 2) and send it to Sony, PS3 retailer, surge-protector manufacturer, surge-protector retailer. If you're lucky one of them will offer you something half decent. Step 2: If it's not enough, just write another legal sounding letter (to all) that somehow suggests you have consulted a lawyer and repeating your earlier claim (chuck in the phrase I have been advised that...). One of them will probably pay out 50-75% to get rid of you.

Step 3. Don't post to a forum cos someone will try to post it as news of some PS3RROD scare on N4G!!

Real Gambler4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

The guy called back, and got is PS3 fixed under warranty. Here's the link:

Here's are the most insteresting messages, with numbers in front for reference:

1: DANJAK: The message that made the news, I won't repeat it... : )

26: DANJAK: No problem. Right now, I feel extremely fortunate that its being covered by the warranty... but I imagine almost everyone plugs their PS3 into a surge protector. It's foolish not to. This is one of those things where Sony needs to get either educate their support staff that a surge protector does not void the warranty...

42: Bubba (one guy who called support to check about this): Alright everyone, I just got off the phone with a guy from Sony about the PS3 and he said plugging the PS3 into a surge protector WILL NOT void your warranty. In fact he said that is what he would do.

82: DANJAK: Why would I call and speak to a supervisor when I'm already covered under the warranty after I "amended" my story?

So I'm guessing the guy called back, didn't say anything about Surge Protector, and whammo, the PS3 is under warranty... Warning, this is my interpretation : )

Here's the warranty statement that may have started it all:

So most of the debate now has turned into: Is a surge protector a power supply device? My humble opinion: IT'S NOT. A power supply just supply power : ) A surge suppressor does not supply power.

So this is hopefully the end of this really exciting news about ONE user having some problem with his PS3.

I guess there must not be any good news going on these days.

Poisen4023d ago

WTF Sony. It helps protect the Ps3. I have a UPS connected to my 360. He could just call a different operator and say he didn't connect the surge protector.

kamisama4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

microsoft told me that surge protector voids there warranty to they told me the 360 has a surge protector built in hence it doesnt need one and they told me that the external fans void there warranty to

Poisen4023d ago

thats why you lie to them when they ask you such questions

MrSwede4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

If I would have a problem with my PS3 I would make the same "mistake" and tell the support about having a surge protector since it´s supposed to be a good thing.

Edit: What if lightning struck and my PS3 brakes? I bet the support would say "you have a surge protector right?"

Proxy4023d ago

Thats why as soon as he gets sarcastic and says "'okay great, Sony can fix it right up for you for $150' as the year-long warranty was voided by the surge protector." I get real pissed and say "listen you b'tard, I gave you a false name and other false information, and now that I know this, I'll conviently call tomarrow and give no indication that it was connected to a surge protector, thanks for your help today, and I look forward to having it fixed under the warenty come tomarrow" click. (The part about the false information would be true too.)

xaphanze4023d ago

what the heck? I always use that. Who doesnt anyways?

CRIMS0N_W0LF4023d ago

i find that hard to belive.

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