Should Sony reimburse gamers for PSN outage?

As you may be aware, Sony's PlayStation Network is down in the dumps. To make matters worse, there is no clear timetable as to when the service will be back online, which is causing great frustration in the gamer community. The timing couldn't be any worse as the weekend approaches.

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jerethdagryphon4043d ago

psn plus users yes the rst of us we play for free no compensation is needed

Eiffel4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

I agree, PSN is a free offered service, PS+ subscribers could be compensated however, because they're paying for that which they can't currently access.

MrBeatdown4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

Yeah, they can access it. PS+ is a content service. If they downloaded it, they can use it. People have a month to download each item and can play it offline. I don't see why Sony should compensate just because the stuff couldn't be downloaded for two days.

Besides, Sony has gone above and beyond with PS Plus already. I've gotten plenty of bonus content from the service, not just the montly promised content.


I lol'd. You're paying for content (although I'm sure those giving me disagrees don't even have PS+ to begin with). The content will be there when PSN is back online.

Should every single person who has ever bought a piece of downloadable content receive compensation, just because of a brief period in which that content couldn't be downloaded? Sony should extend the length of time for which the monthly offers are available, but nobody should be compensated beyond that, because they would be getting exactly what they paid for.

pixelsword4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

Sure they can!

Gimmie DOUBLE of what I paid for, for a free service.

Duh, what's two times zero again?

Electroshocked4043d ago

I don't have PS+ but I would much appreciate someone emailing me the InFamous 2 beta.

fluffydelusions4043d ago

@above can you access hulu + though without psn + access?

Zeevious4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )


Two times Zero?

Be theoretical mathematics, it could be anything -- but most likely just equal to the credibility generated by "Annoyingus' with their incredible strength boycotting Sony and the script-kiddies that followed their basement-level inspiration.

So, I guess 0.0 it is.

Anon19744043d ago

I'm currently playing Fallout - New Vegas and having a ball. I simply haven't played online or tried to access any of my PSN+ content this past week. If I hadn't checked N4G, I probably wouldn't have even noticed there was a problem all weekend.

Downtown boogey4043d ago


No, Anything times Zero is always zero.

It's the stuff divided by zero that has't been defined in theoretical mathematics.

macky3014043d ago

Free candy for everyone!

gaffyh4043d ago

I'm a PS+ user and tbh, I don't think a reimbursement is even needed. The only thing it guarantees is free games each month, not for connecting to the PSN to play online games.

When this happens on XBL, MS HAVE to reimburse users because they are paying for the XBL service itself, so it makes sense there.

Knuxxx4043d ago

Don't speak of dividing by zero, this is probably how these issues with sony got started in the first place!

OT: I don't think anyone on PSN should be compensated outside of PSN+ Members. Now if this was XBL...

BLAKHOODe4043d ago

I'm a PS+ subscriber and while I agree that the service is mostly just about the DLC you can DL and play, regardless of an outage, I'm kinda hurting right now not being able to access the PS+'s cloud storage feature, which I've began using quite a bit. So, yes, in that way, it HAS effected my gaming to a very small degree.

But do I feel like the PSN community should be reimbursed or rewarded in some way? ABSOLUTELY! The ability to play online is part of the Playstation EXPERIENCE. It's something that is advertised right on the PS3's box and many of the games we buy with the intent of playing them online. We are all being DENIED this and deserve some kind of compensation for that denial.

Personally, I'm easy. Throw me a free dynamic theme - maybe one saying I SURVIVED PS3 OUTAGE 2011 or something. As long as it's a good one, I'll be as happy as can be. But give us SOMETHING for this.

TKCMuzzer4042d ago

just give us a double points week on games like Killzone 3 etc. That would do me nicely.

Soldierone4042d ago

Technicly either side has an argument. It isn't free to play DC Universe. the Online maps of Killzone 3 that I JUST bought were not free. Socom is an online based game and that wasn't free. Portal 2's major asset is online steam connections and Portal isn't free.

You want a happy consumer you reimburse them in some way. You want people talking crap about this, you do nothing. That is all there is to it.

Cerberus21254042d ago

BLAKHOODe,you make a good point,and I almost agree with you but,how many times your Phone,Cable or Net has being down and you got compensation for it?.I did not think so.

WildArmed4042d ago

I disgree.
Sony doesn't have to reimburse us for anything.
PSN is a free service.
The network downtime has not affected the services I signed up w/ PS+
(that is monthly content)
I am still able to play my content w/o any issues (lol at least the ones that aren't online only)

Either way, personally I don't see the need for compensation , even thou I am a PS+ user.

gamingdroid4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

They should re-imburse us with a free game play time equal to the time lost plus a little extra for goodwill. So whatever time you are entitled to free play on PSN, just add the down time plus anything you feel you deserve!

Problem solved and happy gaming!

PS, I think I will get a lot of disagrees as people only read the title.

HappyGaming4042d ago

Nah they dont have too...

but a small freebie would be nice :)

Get better soon PSN <3 :P

Zeevious4040d ago


I am aware of elemental mathematics.
It was a joke...specifically that if you theoretically combine all the parts of Anonymous, it equals 0.0

If you would like that in an equation, please PM me.

I'm not sure if Sony will be reimbursing anyone.

I'll just be so glad when it's back online, I doubt I'll be caring about being reimbursed for anything but my time gaming!

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MeanOldman4043d ago

should cnet stop writin stupid articles? where was cnet 2 years ago when xbl went down for a week and people do pay to play with that. the answer is sony dont owe for anything. even ps+ members dont pay to play online.

jdoggystyyle4043d ago

live def wasnt down for a week...and gold users got free arcade games for compensation and TBH during xmas 07 when it was having problems i still could login so could all my it wasnt Xbox live wide try again

Bigpappy4043d ago

I have nad Live for the day of release. It was never down for 2 week. Some one on N4G made that claim, now all the drones have to repeat it with out knowning the facts. M$ had a bandwith issue in 2007, where some were loosing connection or had problems loggin in. But the service was not down. The only time live was down, are time when M$ did server maintenance for 24hr periods and they let us know when that would happen. I have never been not on Live for 2 weeks.

There was a very serious tragedy in Japan with that quake, There are still major power issue in Japan. If that is where they have the Main server and they have to shut it down from time to time, it could cause a network back log, because other servers are having to wait for updates.

hiredhelp4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

AGREE. plus is for content the online part is free.

skrug4043d ago


MeanOldman said for A week not 2.

BloodyNapkin4042d ago


But how long have you been sitting without a xbox? And how many times? Or how many times has your computer screwed up cause of windows and been without a computer?

Soldierone4042d ago

@the defenders above. Even my Xbox friends are talking about how this could turn into the time Xbox Live went down...

It DID go down, their is no denying it. and stating "oh it was having massive issues" is worse than it friggin going down. PSN was "having issues" and Sony shut it down. Why? Because the frustration of all the issues constantly happening would have cause bigger problems than simply stating "PSN Is Down"

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LastDance4043d ago ShowReplies(2)
Blaze9294043d ago

reminds me of the holiday 2004 demo disc form sony that wiped out people's memory cards and Sony gave a choice of free games to choose from.

I'm a PS+ member and I think they should really just add the days we couldn't get online to the remaining days left in our subscriptions. Sucks that I can't play any of my downloaded games offline though that require me to be online to boot it.

NJShadow4043d ago

I had that disc... and used it. -_- Was too late to complain and never got my free game. -_-

Sony had me yelling at my little sisters for nothing. -_-

harrisk9544043d ago

I guarantee that there is a law firm currently preparing a class action lawsuit.

xAlmostPro4043d ago

I'm a plus member, i don't feel i should be reimbursed.

PSN was down almost 2 days, not that big of a deal. I can play any + games i wanna play today

Sam Fisher4043d ago

@ Eiffel, and jerethdagryphon.

thank you, i am a + member, and i appreciate on what you guy said. but idc if i get anything from sony, as long as im playing online its all good. sony will still be taking my money lmao

Joni-Ice4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

I think everyone should be compensated. You guys act like because PSN is free then only plus members should be compensated. Everyone should. I am a plus member but what about the gamers who paid for a game to play online? They cant play online because PSN is down. I think those guys should be compensated too. Just because PSN is free does NOT give Sony a free pass to shut it down. People buy games to play online and the way to get online is from the free PSN. I paid $65 for my game to play on PSN. Free or not, I want to be compensated.

skrug4043d ago

"but what about the gamers who paid for a game to play online" but cant because they don't pay for xbl?

theEx1Le4043d ago

@skrug, see this opens that up to choice. People have the choice not to pay for xbox live were as the same cannot be said for psn. Just because its free doesn't make the service less liable when people cant access online features of games they paid for. So you cant really use xbox live as a comparison because people know they have to pay for live for online.

I personally don't give a crap and don't want to be compensated because i would rather it was down for a few days to be secure than always on and crap.

BloodyNapkin4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )


What about me sitting a total of almost 2 months without a xbox cause mine keep RROD. Bought 2 xbox's and had 2 repaired.

skrug4042d ago


what choice?
You HAVE to pay to play online on xbl.

Even if you don't want to play online, you still have to pay the same amount of money for the game.

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BeckyLikesChocolate4043d ago

but free psn is part of the package with the ps3 and is a reason why many opted for it over the 360. so to be technical sony does owe something back to consumers. i for one just want psn back up and healthy and thats enough for me unless this issue goes on for over a week or something

Solid_Snake-4043d ago

what about DC universe players.

think they deserve something.

BLAKHOODe4043d ago

DCUO players should definitely get the days they missed added back to their subscriptions and I'm betting they probably will atleast get that if not more.

SeanScythe4043d ago

Wait what?! I don't pay to use anything online with sony other then online storage for save files.

PSN is free
PS+ is for getting discounts on stuff and exclusive access to betas.

Talk about entitlement issues, do you losers also think you should get free money for doing nothing?

If I bought my PS3 and it didn't work I want my money back but I can still play games which is what the PS3 is for. Online gaming isn't all it does.

I work for a cable company and have to deal with morons like this all the time,

My internets not working.

Someone cut a line and we are working on fixing it.

Give me credit for it not working!!

There is nothing wrong with the service, someone damaged a line that we are fixing now.

I want credit I can't get on facebook.

That's what you people sound like.

BLAKHOODe4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

Well, call me one of those idiots, because if I pay for something, I expect it to WORK. In this case, I paid for a PS3 (2 actually) and the ability to play online free is PART of the package I paid for. So, in that sense, I am being DENIED something I PAID for and therefore deserve some kind of compensation.

Consider this.. If the PS3 offered no online at all, how well would it have sold?

SeanScythe4042d ago

Ok your one of those Idiots, because when something is free you can't complain when it has problems. This is not something they want the didn't say, "Hey lets screw with our customers and disconnect the servers."

They must have done it for a good reason because the only ones losing money on this are sony. Not you, not me, or anyone other then sony.

At least you are not stuck at work on a Saturday watching the day pass by while dealing with people on the phone.

Scary694042d ago

I say No to both plus and non-plus users. Plus subscribers are not paying for online usage just contents. So nope diddy no reimbursement should be given.

kreate4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

not neccessarily.

Sony gives PS plus subscribers a free 3 extra month to compensate for blackout situations like this.

if they get compensated, give back Sony the 3 free months of trial.

if sony does give some form of compensation, they should give to all of us becuz we equally went through a form of inconvenience.

Sarick4042d ago

One month free PSN Pluss for everyone, and a month extension for people who already have it.

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DontShoot-Me-Bro4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

As a PS+ subscriber...nope I don't feel they need to do anything.

I don't even feel like I'm paying to use PSN as a Plus subscriber, I still feel that PSN is free as much as it is for a non PS+ subscriber. I don't feel privledged and if I get something extra I feel every PSN member should as it has affected everyone.

PS+ wasnt about paying to use PSN, or having a better quality service online compared to normal PSN gamers.. It was for

* Better features (so far there has been PS cloud saving)
* Day One Discounts
* Beta's
* Early Demo's
* Other discounts
* Free games/themes/avatars

Neckbear4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

You're not unlike a traumatized child whispering to himself over and over "It's gonna be alright".

Perhaps a delusion, or is it simple remorse? Either way, I would like to ask of you...

Stop writing like you were an advertiser.

Thank you.


Why, but the copy/pasted portion of your comment barely makes sense considering the context.


What is it that I can even -contribute- to this topic, aside from a bland Yes/No reply, [Insert some delusional fanboyism here], or an useless comment? Figured I'd reply to his comment, there is truly not much else to say, you see.

KwietStorm_BLM4043d ago

It's really amazing how many 1 bubble users decide to "contribute" to a topic in the way that you just did. Haven't you all figured it out yet?

awesomeperson4043d ago

You're not unlike a traumatized child whispering to himself over and over "It's gonna be alright".

Perhaps a delusion, or is it simple remorse? Either way, I would like to ask of you...

Stop writing like you were a troll fanboy.

Thank you.

Electroshocked4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

Take your bubble and just get out, there should be an option to remove these people's last bubble...

lee_ten4043d ago

...what does this have to do with the article?

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v1c1ous4043d ago

well that's nice you think that way. but for the other paying costumers, the fact that they can't get access to

* Better features (so far there has been PS cloud saving)
* Day One Discounts
* Beta's
* Early Demo's
* Other discounts
* Free games/themes/avatars

that they ARE PAYING COLD HARD CASH due to issues they cannot influence, those people might be a little peeved.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME4043d ago

not really because this hasn't even been happening for a week. if we were paying for the ability to use psn online where otherwise we wouldn't be able to, then it would make getting reimbursed more reasonable, but that reimbursement should only consist of giving us back what we lost and that would be giving us as many extra psn membership days as we lost, nothing more. and no i'm not from sony

QuodEratDemonstrandm4042d ago

Sony just recently started offering the 15mo ps+ for the price of 12 again, for new subs and renewals. The offer ends May 3rd. It should be extended for however long the outage lasts.

As for compensation, I would like to see a dynamic theme or something similar... just as Sony's way of saying "we apologize for the inconvenience," but no actual reimbursement is required.

jc485734043d ago

get reimbursed and donate that money to Japan.

jrisner4043d ago

Nope, I am a PS+ subscriber and I don't feel I need compensated for the downtime. It will be back up soon and I'm not really worried about it.

e-p-ayeaH4043d ago

PSN+ subcribers should get another full game for free to compensate this wait.