Too Human: Hands-on Preview, Exclusive Trailer, Screenshots

TeamXbox features a 3-page hands-on preview, an exclusive gameplay trailer, and three new screenshots from Too Human. These materials were posted on October 15. The hands-on preview covers the game's classes, control scheme, pick-ups, and RPG elements.

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"SK’s long-awaited 360 title is rock solid. The mixture of classic melee and modern ranged weapons is exciting when concentrating on the third-person action aspect of Too Human."

"Never looking to be status-quo, Silicon Knights has been about unique gaming for years now. It looks like Too Human will be more of the same for SK, where few will know what it’s all about until they actually play it. Hopefully we’ll see an Xbox Live demo of Too Human so that everyone can get a taste of this action/RPG and better understand why its such a strong blip on our radar."

power of Green 4072d ago

"This is definitely an improvement over the last few vids that i saw. However, i'm still concerned about the attack animations. The seem a bit stiff and awkward.

If they could make the animations more fluid, and less robotic, more akin to Ninja Gaiden's, then i shall buy this game".

My response is they are machine's!. lol

We'll see if the animations become more fluid in the future, the stiff style might be the design choice portraying that these are machines indeed and they move like machines.

I heard it works well from 1up, keeping the spacing in co-op perfect. I also read that ther is no artsy style martial arts like you see in movies the animations were MO-CAPPED from a real martial arts master using realistic effective fighting vs the artistic fighting we see in movies and other games.