GC 2006: Sony's Parcours Tour

Of all the game companies that happened to attend the German Games Convention, the award for the most laidback presence would easily be taken by Sony. Instead of a press conference on Wednesday, SCEE chose to have a parcours mixer around their booth, with maps and tours of various titles being shown that attendees could visit at will.

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zypher5375d ago

i figured i'd post this in response to gameindustry's lengthy, negative spin on Sony's absence at the GC. like many other PS2/3 fans, ign feels that Sony's just waiting to show their cards at TGS.

BigBoiSexyMuscles5375d ago

this comment is espacially for xbox fans :). All of you xboz hahaha are just scared of the ps3 will dominate the like the ps2. The xbox is a little wee mans system. The Ps3 is a mans system. I would rather die with the ps3 than go on and dominate with the 360. All of the Ps3 games are going to out sell the 360 and you know it. O and the mart i just wanted you to know that you think you know everything and i think i speak for every ps3 fan and for everyone that has faith in the ps3 when i say just shut up. The ps3 is the more powerful system and you know it. Resistance fall of man already looks better than all the 360 games out right now and all of the second generation games too and it is a first gen game 4 the ps3 and just imagine how good the 2,3,4 gen games will look if this already looks this good. So dont talk to about the ps3 failing when it has power like this to back it up. the xbox has already reached its peak and it is slowly declining. It is about to reach its dimise. the ps3 is going to come along and put the 360 into the ground and burry it with a one punch knock to the knidey with a sweeping hook that will send it crashing down to the bottom of the console war with taking all you retarded fanboys with it. The ps3 is going to come out and own the 360. Microsoft should stick to computers because thats all they can do right. They had no reason for coming onto sonys turf and try to make a console.
cell+rsx>3 core processor+xeon (x) 2

Captain Tuttle5374d ago

You need to get out more. It's just a game console.

achira5374d ago

xbxo360 is crap. its crap in comparisson with the ps3 !!

Gh0stDrag0n5374d ago

Compared to a top notch PC, all nextgen consoles are crap.

USMChardcharger5374d ago

360 must really suck in your eyes...comparing it to something that doesn't exist...yet.

Islandkiwi5374d ago

You didn't even respond to the article once, just went immediately into MS bashing. No doubt your relentless bashing of MS and the 360 will sway the minds of many, we'll be selling off our 360's en masse because of your irrefutable attacks.

And now to comment on the article: the other article was not an attack on Sony, it was a truthful statement that you would have to agree with. Sony chose not to show anything in Germany, they're waiting for TGS. That other article said they lose by default at this convention, you can't deny it. Sony wouldn't deny it. It's the path they chose.

What did you expect IGN to say? Sony rocked the house by showing nothing in Germany?

USMChardcharger5374d ago

the article said they gave away some maps...that's something...right?

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