GTTV-Bethesda / Uncharted 3

Bethesda breaks some news on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and RAGE, and Naughty Dog shows us some new multiplayer. Plus Black Ops' next content pack, NCAA Football and a Gears 3 actor reveal!

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Rage_S904831d ago

This looks like it will be the multiplayer game of the year, we shall see, we shall see......

LOGICWINS4831d ago

Well, it looks like it can be the best THIRD-person shooter MP game of the year..that much is certain.

jdktech20104831d ago

Can be being the key words....Gears 3 is shaping up to be one heck of a game if the beta is anything to go by

Hooray for opinions and having a choice

LOGICWINS4831d ago

Yeah man, I wish I had a 360 to play Gears 3 as well. Its looking WAAAAY better than I expected.

MaxXAttaxX4831d ago

I haven't seen much in Gears 3 that stood out against the previous games...

undercovrr4831d ago

Not even close. Don't get me wrong it looks fun as hell, but a third person shooter will never win multiplayer of the year. That title will probably go to BF3

LOGICWINS4831d ago

"That title will probably go to BF3"

Its all opinion, but I agree.

If your going by scale, features, visuals, and gameplay modifications, then the PC version of BF3 is a shoe-in for the best MP game of the year...unless Starhawk comes out this year and surprises EVERYONE with bigger maps, destructIble environments, and UCG.

Rage_S904831d ago

good point bf 3 will definitely be up there but for me at least i'm tired of fps's. Don't get me wrong bf3 looks good but its still another military fps..........set in the middle east as well....

Kon4831d ago

Hahahahahahaahhahahhhahahhahah ahaahhah

Battlefield 3 says hi.

Ricco-Warrior4831d ago

brink and resistance 3 say hi too, they brought some cookies and mt dew

SSKILLZ4831d ago

Uncharted 3 is gonna sh!t all over Gears its not even funny LMAO.

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Ace_19754831d ago

The graphics in Uncharted 3 look average. I don't know what happened, but it doesn't impress like Uncharted 2 did.

ps3bestever4831d ago

Looking Forward for E3, Your jaw will droppppppp!

zeddy4831d ago

multiplayer graphics arent as good as SP graphics. usually the case for all games.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO4831d ago (Edited 4831d ago )

''Average graphics'' and still looks better than those games people are trying to compare.

Besides, it's a beta build.


Wonder what other 3rdPS can compete with U3 Multiplayer features.

cool cole4831d ago



Forget Elder Scrolls 6, Skyrim Can Easily Be Made Into A Next-Gen Game

ScreenRant's Stephen Tang writes, "The Elder Scrolls 6 won't be releasing for a while, and in the meantime, the modding community has been making Skyrim into a next-gen game."

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GhostScholar40d ago

That’s just laughable to me. I think they’ve squeezed all they can out of an 12 year old game

mastershredder39d ago

"Easily" because they see mods, says the gamer. To heck with licensing, terms agreements conditions, etc. all you need to do is belive in mods. Yeah, so real superficial BS yo.

CrimsonWing6939d ago

Do people not want to play a new game? Like, I’d rather see 6 than just a prettier version of a game we’ve been playing since the 360/PS3 gen…

Popsicle39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Yes please. Did pretty much everything there was to do in this game. Took a very long time and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Skyrim is one of my all-time favorites, but I would prefer a new experience.

anast39d ago

They might as well. So far, it looks like ES6 will be mostly developed by AI.

Smellsforfree39d ago

I don't want a next-gen version of a game I've already played to death. Skyrim was a great game, but I'm over it.

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Neil Druckmann clarifies true intent of new Naughty Dog game comments

Following a recent interview with Sony, Naughty Dog head Neil Druckmann claims the original intent was “unfortunately lost” in the process.

just_looken48d ago

He can take dog shit put it in a oven with seasoning then call it waistland cookies the sony fans will pay $40 a cookie give them a medal of cooking.

No mater what trash this sobs puts out/talks about it will sell.

The true fact in the 8 years sense uncharted 4 his first time in the main seat to a point all this "amazing" team did was get 2 dudes to fuck in a van then destroy a franchise they never created.

But being a port studio they are decent at they should keep in there lane at being just that a glorified port studio.