7 best video games of november

Want to know what the 7 best games of November will be? Read on

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4023d ago

Assassins Creed won't even be out in November, just watch.

Feihc Retsam4023d ago

This list could be pretty accurate.
Nobody has confirmed that Assassin's Creed will not be out in November yet, and I'm sure your not a reliable industry source.
I have to think that Mass Effect will be an amazing game through 2008, not just November, and anyone who played the COD4 beta knows that the game is a beast.
Haze looks like it has potential, but enough hasn't been shown of it yet to make me think it will be better than Assassin's Creed or COD4.

kn4023d ago

1- Super Mario Galax7 (Wii)
2- COD 4 (Multi)
3- Assassin's Creed (Multi)
4- Rock Band (Multi)
5- Mass Effect (360)
6- Ninja Gaiden Dragon Swords (DS)
7- Uncharted Drakes Fortune (PS3)

There ya go.

Poisen4023d ago

So what are you trying to say huh?

Wii60_FTW4023d ago

LMAO. first of all, they put Mass Effect BELOW Ass Creed? lmfao. No one even wants Ass Creed. We're still waiting for a reason to buy it. Too funny.

@Lightning, You really think a poopy game like Haze should be on that list? there's only SEVEN spots. Maybe it could be above Uncharted...that's about it.

Daishi4022d ago

I would bump Rock band for Haze and Uncharted for Fear Files. And yes I prefer fps above just about anything, but that's just me.

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predator4023d ago

list is right, not to sure about the order there in tho

Poisen4023d ago

I agree, Assassins Creed and Mass Effect should be 1 and 2 and COD4 3

joydestroy4022d ago

i think CoD4 and Mass Effect should've tied for first.

damn XMAS is gonna be nice as f*ck this year.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4023d ago

Assassins Creed won't be out in November. So remove that one. They should of made a spot for Haze.

InMyOpinion4023d ago

Haze? The Halo clone with, bad textures, fuzzy environments and lack of original art direction? That game will be decent, at best.

Mass Effect on the other hand, will be revolutionary.

Wii60_FTW4023d ago

right on. f*ck Haze. Haze is the most blatant Crysis Ripoff I've ever seen in my entire f*cking life. How sad. Mass Effect, on the other hand, will revolutionize gaming as we know it. fanboys, go cry somewhere.

joydestroy4022d ago

c'mon, it's Ubisoft.
Assassin's Creed will be out in November for the 360, i guarantee it.
i'll eat my words and appologize if it doesn't.

i do think it's going to get delayed on the PS3.

jcgamer4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

Mass Effect and Uncharted are at the tippy top of my list...honestly, if I just played those 2 over the Holidays, I would be content...oh, but there's much more...and even though I have no interest in a Wii at the moment, I know Mario Galaxy is going to be ace...don't you just LOVE this time of year? No need to answer that...I hear you...

Jinxstar4023d ago

Dude totally.

Stoked about all these. I am still curious about ME. Ima get it for sure. I hope it appeals to enough people though. I stand by what I said before as that... I feel it wont appeal to enough people as its a SciFi RPG Action games... Its also not Starwars(Proven Franchise) I dont know any others in this franchise that did well off the bat(I can't even name a game that fits this genre) I think it may bomb at first and pick up later.

I'm not knocking the game I'm just saying I think something Like Drake will appeal to many more people off the bat is all.... just cause of design and what it is.

Mario on the other hand is gonna rock. I can't wait for that game.

These times are awesome man. Im stoked. JC! GO GET YOUR PS3 ALREADY MAN!!!1! Can't wait to own you =P

Only thing I dont agree with is NG DS... Seriously... If they want that on the list it should be 7...

Poisen4023d ago

Hope its an appealing game?! Its one of the most anticipated game on the 360!! Every 360 should own it

jcgamer4023d ago

Oh, you're going to OWN me bro?'re going to open a funky can of whoop a$$, good buddy? "thems iz fightin' wordz" forward to a CHALLENGE...I think Mass Effect is going to be BIG man...yeah, Gears BIG...yeah, 500,000 - 800,000 software units sold in November alone if Microsoft nails the marketing BIG...I think Sony packaging the PSP with the Star Wars game and Halo 3 proves that sci-fi is pretty hot right now, to put it nicely...but, I agree, Uncharted looks SO GOOD...drop dead likeee...and the combat building on Gears is a nice compliment, like the article said...did I mention it was drop dead gorgeous? and Uncharted does have Mass Effect...sorry, I meant mass APPEAL...or maybe I meant Mass Effect Appeal...shameless plug...40 GB FTW!

Jinxstar4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

Yeah Ima Skeptic man. It seems to me like "Dune" A large group of devoted people. SciFi is a hard market. and SciFi RPG Shooters seem to me to be a hard push. Will the speech system really appeal to everyone? I hope so. I'm looking forward to it like I said but the Genre is a really "Ify" one I think. Seriously. Here is what I gotta see from the view of "Guy dont know jack about games walks into store"

A. Treasure Hunter with Gears of War style Shooting, Strong Indiana Jones style Story, Beautiful Grafics, Cool Characters, All the simple gameplay designs that appeal to people but they add a few new things that are good. Giving you a main Character everyone can relate to and maybe even "Aspire to be"


B. Sci Fi/ RPG/ Shooter with Speech controls and a LONG story Dealing with polotics, Religious debacle and opinionated storylines. The videos of it to me are hit and miss. It looks good. But no one on earth will live to see this kind of thing unfold. hence hard to relate to...

There are some issues to me personally but I think as a selling game... Who is it marketed to? I feel a small group really... I am in that group as are most N4G Dorks like me and JC. and Xbox loyalists. Still though. I am seriously just a fan of Video games. I hope that the issues I have seen are not bad in the game. I hope there are more then 3 enemies on the screen at once and that pacing is better then it looks. I also hope that its a story I can relate to and doesn't get confusing and boring... I think they can pull it off but failing in any of these elements will kill it hard. I hope its smooth and quick.

The one thing I am hating about Folklore is all the load times. They get freakin old quick to me... I like the game but find myself getting bored with it due to this... If these issues are in either of these games they will have to make up for it big which Folklore doesn't.

Thats why I think it is gonna be hard. Its hard to break through in the Sci Fi genre. Why I feel Tabula Rasa (Bad ass beta btw) will also fail to games like WOW or WAR. Cause people would rather play as an "Orc" or "Witch" then a "Space Marine" or "Universe Frontier Fighter" or whatever...

But Seriously guys I hope it does really well. I really do. But in your opinion if you were to pick up a MMO and play for a while. Which would it be. Tabula Rasa, World of Warcraft or the new "Spy" MMO sony is coming out with or the "Marvel" or "DC" ones? I think the last one on most peoples list would be Tabula Rasa. Just because of the genre... I feel a lot of people dont like it as much as the others.... I hope I'm wrong though =P

Breaking through is the hard part. Starwars and Halo are already there.

BTW JC Pick your poison. COD4(Demo rocks!!!!)? Gears? Haze? Halo3(I suck at this but will try)? UT3? Nah you'll probably own me but I'll give you will have to work for it =P

Jinxstar4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

Anyway bubbles for both of you. Because every 360 owner should buy ME. And cause you both rock and aren't biased. I admit I can be at times but I wont knock anyone for their tastes either.

@ JC.

Nope I gotta go check my mail. Ima go do that. Gameinformer seems to be the only source I like anymore... This place too sometimes.

I need to buy a damn PSP but... Man with all the stuff I own already. I can't even get through Phantom Hourglass.... Let alone Folklore. I need a vacation or something so I can actually play this stuff. =P

Game on bro.

jcgamer4023d ago

you already know what I'm about to on bro...and bubbles up for you too...the beauty of this Holiday is that there is truly, without a doubt, a title for everyone's tastes when you include all consoles and handhelds...did you happen to catch the Game Informer review of Mass Effect? They had some pretty great and BOLD things to say about the game, to say the least...

ceedubya94022d ago

I believe its at least guaranteed to appeal to those that bought KOTOR. Sure, it doesn't have the Star Wars liscence to help push the game, but I'm sure that KOTOR fans are at least aware of Mass Effect and its makers. Because of this, and the 360s crazy attach rate for games, I think that, at minimum, Mass Effect should sell 1 million copies if not more. I know I'm getting it first and foremost before any other game that comes out during that time.

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