Microsoft React to PlayStation Network Outage

The PlayStation Network issues currently plaguing gamers throughout the globe could not have come at a worse time. Not only are there a number of high profile titles arriving on retail shelves, but also in the UK it’s a Bank Holiday weekend, meaning there was likely to be a large number of gamers heading online. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) have been reluctant to discuss the issues any more than is absolutely necessary, however things are a bit different in the Microsoft camp.

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Blad3star4548d ago (Edited 4548d ago )

Free Xbox Live weekend is awesome like the below vid.


Edit: I don't like Halo either and I think the fight scene is Chuck Norris worthy.

Perkel4548d ago

i don't like halo but daaaaamn that was awasome :)

Sheikh Yerbouti4548d ago

That was only half of the video...


Samus shows up after Master Chief gets done and the awesome becomes epic.

Google Monty's Oum's Haloid - I have had it on one of my three PSP's but I forgot which one.

Blad3star4548d ago (Edited 4548d ago )

Holy BBQ Sauce Sheikh - that is officially the most awesome video I have ever seen.

So much EPICNESS!!!!!!!!!


PhoenixDevil4548d ago

Yup good ol Monty oum, if you lyk that - Haloid but prefere final fantasy/dead or alive then search Dead Fantasy its epic

Panthers4547d ago

Thats not the entire video. You didnt get to see the crazy sniper shot that ricochets and kills everything.

Kushan4547d ago

That's not the full video, this is:


It's called "Haloid" Because it features both Master Chief and Samus. But even if you don't like either game, it's a great video.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi4547d ago

Monty Oum made that vid. the original title is haloid. If you liked that you'd prolly like his dead fantasy videos too. Final Fantasy vs dead or alive girls. He got recognized for these vids a couple years ago. I think he got a job at Midway or something. Still waiting on him to finish up the Dead Fantasy vids.

Bibmiester4547d ago

O M G that was stupid awesome!

Parasyte4547d ago

Actually, if I'm not mistaken, Monty now works for RoosterTeeth doing all of their motion capture work on RvB.

TheDeadMetalhead4547d ago (Edited 4547d ago )

Maturity? In MY Microsoft?

At some point after PSN went down, I must have slipped into a parallel universe, given the events that have happened to me over the last couple days.

MaxXAttaxX4547d ago (Edited 4547d ago )

not Halo.

[On topic]
This down time has allowed me to focus on other non multiplayer games.

I gotta admit, it's been refreshing so far.

Rumor4547d ago

that vid is called Haliod

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Joni-Ice4548d ago

I always use down time to catch up on trophies from story modes. In fact, I got my first platinum because Verizon cut my internet access off. I was forced to platinum a game. Guess I'll work on Socom 4 story trophies.

GodsHand4548d ago

LOL, you were forced to platinum a game.

outwar60104548d ago

LOOOOOOOOOL comment of the day

xDaRkModEx4547d ago

That's reasonable. I did the same with burnout paradise.

Zeevious4547d ago

LOL...great way to turn a problem into a positive!

I'm not minding having to pick up a few extra trophies myself, and I will give credit to Microsoft.

They've handled this very well, and I'm glad they are supporting Sony.

Whomever did this, you are attacking not Sony but Gamers everywhere!

I think it's time for another donation drive...but this time for a worthy cause -- To turn in whoever is responsible.

Let's see how l33t these losers are in jail for these attacks!

TheDeadMetalhead4547d ago

At least you get to play yours. My PS3 YLOD'd yesterday (no, really, I shit you not), so now I don't get to play mine at all until I fix it...And my saves aren't backed up except for GT5...And Modnation is still trapped in the Blu-Ray drive...And my warranty is void because I already opened it before to clean it...

Zeevious4547d ago (Edited 4547d ago )


Really sorry to hear that!

If you already opened it though, you should be able to open it again and trigger the release directly from the Blu-Ray drive.

That will at least get your disc back.

I repaired a friends console using the solder-re-flow method, but it's very very tricky. http://www.youtube.com/watc...

I wish there was something more I could do to help out...I hate to see anyone missing out on having fun gaming!

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fr0sty4548d ago

I actually expected a more immature response, that was handled better than I thought it would be.

Live goes down also, so they only have so much room to talk. As such, I'm glad to see they remained within that room. I was gonna hate on them when I first saw the article, but I'll leave em' alone over this one.

This is only the second time I've seen PSN go down for more than a day. The other time was that leap year bug when PSN was shut down for all of April 29th.

whydoyouask4548d ago

When did Xbox live go down?

PirateThom4548d ago

December 2007, Christmas Weekend.
Feburary 2010, access issues.

It happens, no service can have 100% uptime. The BBC website went down the other week for a few hours.

Dark_king4548d ago

@fr0sty technically the leap year bug was a system problem not psn.This is the first real issue I can remember with psn.I to expected a immature response like "you get what you pay for".

whydoyouask4548d ago


Oh, okay.

Also, why would i be disagreed with? I was just asking a question... V^V

Dark_king4548d ago

@whydoyouask it went out a few times but christmas is the big one I remember.

fr0sty4548d ago

feb. 29th I mean... lol

guigsy4548d ago

When Xbox Live went down during Xmas 07 they gave everyone a free XBLA game.

outlawlife4547d ago (Edited 4547d ago )

also on 2007 the outage was regional some people didn't have any problem

I didn't have any issue accessing live at that time

live has not had an outside technical problem like this, the 2007 issue was an overload

jdoggystyyle4547d ago

pirate thom is just a sony fan boy...psn down for days is ok...but if this was an xbox problem.... sony defense force...with pirate thom in the front would b here going off about how bad microsoft is

PirateThom4547d ago