CVG: An Audience with Crytek: FPS Genre is "Stagnating"

During a jaunt to Frankfurt last week to give Crysis a good thrashing, CVG snagged a hold of Crytek boss Cevat Yerli and applied the thumbscrews.

Yerli is creative director on Crysis and the executive producer, and CVG has him to thank for coming up with the game's concept back in October 2003.

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Capt CHAOS4021d ago

I've got HalfLife2 to look forward to (on the 360), but in reality, I may well go back to PC gaming so I can enjoy things like counterstrike source etc.,

xc7x4020d ago

in fact it's getting more creative of late

maybe with their selves it is..i seen their game videos,i see their point if they're looking in the mirror