Could Playstation Network Being Down Lead to More Xbox 360 Game Sales?

The Playstation Network is down once again. And this time the timing couldn’t be worse. With new games like Mortal Kombat, SOCOM 4 and Portal 2 launching, all with relatively important online components, the online component could ultimately play a role in whether consumers get these games for Xbox 360 or PS3 (save SOCOM 4 which is a PS3 exclusive). Even the infamous 2 online beta will have to be delayed now because of this. The Playstation Network being down could drive people to Xbox 360 purchases.

PimpHandHappy4419d ago

next time XBL crashes over the holidays

Troll_Police4419d ago

Shhhhhhh. They want you to forget about that.

the_best_player4418d ago

and the Halo wars online stats deleted :P

gaffyh4418d ago

There's nothing even out right now that's worth buying on PSN or on disc. So it's not a huge problem, just don't play online for a couple of days.

People need to have a little patience.

CaliGamer4418d ago

@ gaffyh - I guess someone forgot about Portal 2. Awesome game... on the PS3. ;)

gaffyh4418d ago

Yeah but PS3 owners also get a Steam version, so just play that version instead. It even has cloud saving so you should be fine.

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metsgaming4418d ago

exactly i bet when that happens not a word will be spoken, no articles will be approved.

TBM4418d ago

Nah why would buy another console just because the servers went down for a day or two?

Ricco-Warrior4418d ago

man really want to kick some Ass in MK but that's alright........oh who the hell am i kidding i'm bored as hell , for once i miss hearing annoying kids screaming on my mic when i kick ther 12 year old butts in call of duty. all for the lolz

Scary694418d ago

Nope I am not running to play 360 or even buy one. heh. I have better things to do.

Ricco-Warrior4418d ago

like work,drink and sex. that's my cycle and on the spare of all this my ps3

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PhoenixDevil4419d ago

Aside from us who are on here daily I don't know how many people even have noticed its down, some people have been fine all week too. If this is sorted by tomorrow then I doubt word will spread enough to influence peoples decisions all that much

If it lasts all week well then it could be a big problem

TheMrMadzen4419d ago

Really?? REALLY???
Who would be dumb enough to buy Portal 2 on Xbox 360???
When they can buy it on Ps3 and get Steam support+PC copy!
Seriously.....dumb article is fucking dumb

rajman4418d ago (Edited 4418d ago )

True, but impatient gamers would still buy it for X360 because they simply want to play online right away, same could be said with Mortal Kombat, but that would be dumb because they would get no Kratos

moparful994418d ago

If you buy the ps3 version you can play on steam for FREE.. Meaning you can play a version of the game until PSN is brought back online.. Also as a bonus whenver you do get back on psn you can pick up where you left off on the steam version thanks to the cloud saving... But of course the impatient gamer would rather play on a paid for service right?

rajman4418d ago

@ moparful99 If you have a X360 you likely a have a XBL account already, its not as if everyone buying the new games are only creating their XBL accounts now lol

InLaLaLand4418d ago (Edited 4418d ago )

That's the problem this gen, People (especially bachhe) are impatient. people can just play single player like other games and jump to Mp after completing them.

Convas4418d ago (Edited 4418d ago )

This guy called me dumb for doing with my gaming dollar as I please.


@Black: That's beside the point. The point is that this guy believes ALL who do not line up with his way of thinking are idiots. Even if I had a PS3, I wouldn't have brought Portal 2 for it because I have THIRTEEN friends on Xbox Live who did.

BlackTar1874418d ago

Clizz you don;t own a ps3 yet . You just wrote in another thread you just ordered it so you bought Portal 2 for 360 because you had no intention any other way.

Jazz41084417d ago (Edited 4417d ago )

Btw I purchased portal2 on 360 and it plats great. I have played both versions and they look the same. I have steam support on pc so if I want anything off pc I will buy it there until designers start makeing games from the bottom up for the ps on steam they will not be as good as the pc they were wrote for. Also if I want steam and like it I sure the heck won't be as happy with a scaled down version in steamworks but I guess you got to start somewhere. Speaking of somewhere has anyone tried the new section 8 on 360 predjuidice. I bought it last night for 1200 or 12.00 and its not a bad little unreal engine shooter for the money plus the sp campaigns is longer then kz3 which I paid 60.00 for.

siyrobbo4418d ago

people who dont care for PC gaming and dont have a ps3?

Dart894419d ago

Yea man i don't think people will go out and buy a $200 console just so they can play for a few hour's until psn is back.Besides me and my girl are having a blast playing MK tag ladder together never thought i say this but she is a beast at MK.Sure i have xbox but i only have Dark sector for it which i've already beaten.

Jazz41084417d ago

Of all the great 360 games that's the one you have. Wow.

Dart894417d ago

Sorry man not into GEOW OR HALO.

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