Rumor: Sony to Announce PlayStation 3 Production at TGS

When Kaz Hirai was interviewed by GameSpot over the week and said that the production of PlayStation 3's hasn't even started yet, and all that the producing companies are doing is getting the hardware ready to manufacture, it brought up the question of how will Sony be able to provide 2 million units for launch when they haven't even started producing yet?

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kingboy5371d ago

what can that suprise be?

Islandkiwi5371d ago

You had better pray that Sony announces they're in production by the time TGS rolls around! Can you imagine if they announced production wasn't going to start until October?

HyperBear5371d ago

That would suck major @$$. But like ive been saying. If they even delay the PS3 by 1 day, im not getting it, cause im sick of all the lies they have put out since E3 2006.

Gh0stDrag0n5370d ago

This "suprise" better be good, I'm tired of the BS.

bung tickler5370d ago (Edited 5370d ago )

Our games are ONLY going to cost $79.99 and will have a monthly online multiplayer fee of $15 per game because we cant afford to support the extra drain on our servers otherwise because we are bleeding money out our a$$e$ already! but you will be able to browse our online market place for crapy music and video content only from our studios for free (the browsing is free the content is not... sorry gotta pay for that too). HURRAY! SUPRISE! YIPPY!


it will be an awesome surprize you, know it will, and theres not gonna be another delay

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The story is too old to be commented.