Sony talks up PS3 update

A Sony executive has left PS3 fans all a-quiver after promising to release a firmware update "soon" that will improve the console's support for Blu-ray Disc interactivity features.

Don Eklund, VP of advanced technologies at Sony, reportedly made the promise at the recent HDTV DisplaySearch conference in California. Unfortunately, he didn't say anything more specific about the release, leaving PS3 buffs to speculate about what new interactive features Sony might introduce to the console.

The Blu-ray Disc Association has already mandated that all Blu-ray players launched after 31 October must feature picture-in-picture video playback, so Sony could be prepping things to make sure any PS3s sold after that date are compliant.

Any Sony update will follow hot on the heels of an interactivity features update for HD DVDs, announced recently by Universal. Its release consisted mainly of online shopping features, such as merchandise or trailer downloads, and a function allowing users to share their favourite movie clips with friends directly from their player.

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PopEmUp4113d ago

Look like SONY is forming an allies with Universal, to have extra contents for the PSN, well this is a good move from universal unlike Paramount where they were stuck with HD-DVD that is awful

crazy250004113d ago

lol i totally agree.....i just want transformers on blu-ray :(

bigmack4113d ago

i want AVP2 on Blu-ray

kalel1144113d ago

Is part of the HDdvd Forum. They arenot going to help Sony. Eventually, when ever the format war is over, yes. The new firmware has to come before the end of October, because there is no way Sony would introduce profile 1.1 without adding it to the PS3.

DJ4113d ago

coinciding with October 31st. Ratchet release, PSN 2.0 Terms of Agreement, supposed release of firmware 2.0, and now this? Hmm

pandabear4113d ago

You're right this could be one heck of a day when we all look back in a years time and aknowledge that this was the day PS3 REALLY launched. Bring it on!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.