LucasArts to wield Wii Light Sabre in UK next week

British fans of Nintendo Wii and Star Wars will get a first glimpse of the console's upcoming Light Sabre peripheral at a gaming festival being held later this month.

LucasArts will be exhibiting the peripheral alongside its forthcoming Wii title Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, at the GameCity festival, due to be held between 24 and 28 October. Unfortunately, gamers will only be able to get in touch with their Jedi sides and use the Light Sabre on one day: 26 October.

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Twizlex4024d ago

Depending on how awesome this Lightsaber "peripheral" is, it just might be the final kick in the crapper that convinces me to get a Wii.

ArmrdChaos4023d ago

If this controller works well and they are able to get it out by Xmas with some games...holy crap. Any and all Star Wars fanatics (young and old) will have this on their wish list. Wii may not have all the games but they definitely got the gadgets.

happygamer4023d ago

will this work with force unleashed?

gamesR4fun4023d ago

never thought it would happen but if the lightsaber games look and feel half has good has Zelda did I will finally put it on the must have list.
Was hoping sony would start some of this stuff with bluetooth and all... but all we get so far is a little more eyetoy stuff.